To be a police officer, do you have to be single?

To be a police officer, do you have to be single?

To be a police officer, do you have to be single?

Police are one of the most admired professions by many children and adolescents. Very cool and great action shown by members of the police. It is not surprising that children prefer to mention being a police officer rather than being anything else. Lots of great cops who are young and single. Do you have to be single to be a police officer? Single or not when you become a cop

Surely many of you are wondering about the status of a police officer. Apart from the police for men, there are also police for women. To join must do a complete check. Almost all female policewomen carry out the same test wherever they are. But for what do men also experience the same as women?


Logically, men and women are very different. If women can easily check their health outside and inside. While men are only checked for physical strength and ability to catch criminals. If there is a health test, it is only about the health of the whole body. There is no such thing as a check for a virgin or not in the police. Brandnite

What is often checked for male police is only on the knees on the feet. The team that checked could only knock the knee on the young police recruits. See if the knee is empty or not. The results of the assessment and recording alone can determine whether or not to become a police officer.


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To accept someone to become a member of the police is of course not easy. The party from the assessment always prepares several teams that carry out different assessments. There are those who do surveys from home to several other places. The team also has the right to find out about members who will join the police.

Commercial women cannot join the police force

Both male and female police candidates will be treated the same. This is done so as not to include just anyone. Women who are not virgins are often one of the conversations that are full of negativity. But the police will still find out about members who will join the police, especially women.

A woman who is not a virgin does not mean that she has had a husband and wife relationship. There are also reasons why women are not virgins, namely sports and commercial women. The police, of course, only accept women who are clean, in other words, not commercial women. Commercial women are rejected and cannot become police officers.