The number of judges is always odd

The number of judges is always odd

The number of judges, which is always an odd number, always creates curiosity. As you know, a judge is a person who will give justice and try the wrong people. Examine all cases in detail and observe any available evidence. Even so, many people are still curious about the odd number of judges.

If you are a legal expert, you will certainly easily understand why judges in court are always odd. Based on the law, the panel of judges must be odd. The minimum number of judges is three or more. This is done so that when making a decision there is no stalemate.


Brandnite – From the chief judge, and two members of the other judges. Did you know that judges can’t make their own decisions? They must make comparisons and deliberations. In deliberation, the judge did everything in a closed room. Give conclusions and opinions while the trial is still ongoing.

Only the judges who follow all court deliberations know everything so that it doesn’t leak. Making the decision to punish someone is not easy. Sometimes the judges often also experience a stalemate. Couldn’t find an opinion. It must be forced to vote ballots.

The number of judges used

many assemblies use odd numbers//make decisions

Whose votes are the most then the decision is taken. Did you know that every trial held in court always presents a different number of judges? Surely you are curious about how many judges are always present:
At trial, the supreme court sends three people as judges
Of the three people, two became members and one became chairman of the trial decision.
The judges of the constitutional court prepared nine judges for the session
In cases where there are unexpected problems that cannot be handled, the constitutional court judges will only present seven judges.
As for the problem of children, only one judge is needed
A court hearing cases concerning a child that may be related to the law.
A human rights case would require five judges
Of the five people who became judges only two people were. while the other three judges became ad hoc judges. An ad hoc judge is someone who has special abilities in researching, examining, and others.