The difference between an Advocate and a Lawyer

The difference between an Advocate and a Lawyer

Advocates and attorneys have the same function, but their placement is different. But not a few people always think the two are the same. All the duties of advocates and advocates already exist in statutory regulations. So that the general public can find out what the contents of the duties of advocates and lawyers are.

The advocate has obtained a permit from the Legal Services Court. Regarding the trial area, of course, it can be carried out throughout Indonesia. However, the Lawyers themselves hold a license to practice in an area determined by the local court. If a lawyer is going to carry out a legal action in a different place, then he must obtain permission from the court where he will practice / practice.

Stages of Becoming a Lawyer / Advocate

Brandnite – To become a lawyer or advocate, you can do the work according to your duties, but you must obey every step of the way. Each of these stages teaches you to be patient and able to prove if you can be the best advocate or lawyer. However, every task of an advocate or lawyer must also comply with the laws that apply to tasks that must be carried out, such as helping people of low economic level to be free.
The minimum age requirement is 25 years
Graduated with Bachelor of Law (S1)
Follow PKPA (Special Education for Advocate Profession)
Internship 2 years
Taking the Advocate Oath according to Law No. 18 of 2003 article 4 paragraphs 1-4.
Participate in Advocate Organizations
Working at a Law Firm to become a Junior Lawyer.
Opening Your Own Practice

stages of becoming an advocate and attorney//follow the law

If all the stages have been passed correctly and properly, then you will not think that you will get the opportunity to get the highest payout. By having a lot of experience, the opportunity to become a successful person in the legal world will not just be a dream.