The difference between a tour guide and a tour leader

The difference between a tour guide and a tour leader

The difference between a tour guide and a tour leader

There are some people who like to spend time alone. There are also those who travel and go around seeing beautiful scenery which is also an exciting hobby. But who would have thought that a hobby could also be a profitable type of work for us? Tour guides and tour leaders are types of work that support tourism. Many think that tour guides and tour leaders are the same. But they don’t know that there is actually a difference between a tour guide and a tour leader.

What distinguishes it is in terms of activities and also the ability to communicate. There is also a different understanding in terms of tour guides and tour leaders. Want to be able to be like those who guide many people and explain various exciting and fun tourist spots, you can join a tour guide and tour leader.

Let’s start to get to know what a tour guide and tour leader are.

Tour guides are often known as tour guides. If we are on vacation at a tourist spot, we will meet several guides who explain the tourist attractions we are visiting. Give explanations such as information, history, and several types of performances that are often held at tourist attractions. Brandnite

You can find a tour guide through ticket payment points at tourist spots that usually have a story or history. But looking for a tour guide that is reliable and works professionally, you can get it from several tourist attractions that have guides who are already reliable and professional.

To become a certified guide you have to pass a lot of special training from the ministry of tourism. A guide that is liked and trusted must be able to provide clear explanations regarding the tourist attractions visited.

tour leader

Tour leaders are tour guides who make more plans and always carry the name of the tour when guiding tourists and tourists. The schedule has been arranged neatly and cannot be late. Because the schedule plan is usually discussed by several parties who work closely with the tour leader.

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Not just one or several people join the tour leader. They bring a lot of visitors such as visiting groups or several groups who are enjoying holidays at tourist attractions. Being a leader in the journey determines the places and regions you want to visit.


From this explanation, it can be explained that tour guides and tour leaders are very different. Even though they both guide the tours, they are different in the way they work and the responsibilities they hold. These differences start from:
Tour guide

  • Just a few people can guide you.
  • Just one day driving
  • Certain tourist spots with guides and many more
    tour leader
  • Leading the crowd
  • Pay for the needs of tourists during the tour
  • Provide transportation
  • Invite around to many places
  • Using the flag symbol during the tour
  • Determine gathering points and much more

The different forms of responsibility make their work unique and exciting. If you really like to go around, it can be a step to becoming a tour guide or tour leader. Usually, we can find tour leaders in foreign places and also in Indonesia on a large scale who participate in many tours. As for tour guides, they can be at tourist attractions and also in one area.