Social Media Admin Duties

Social Media Admin Duties

Being a worker of course there are many rules that must be obeyed. Obeying the rules doesn’t mean you really have to submit to all wrong statements. However, complying with these regulations means complying with the tasks assigned to the social media admin. The following is the task of the social media admin if you want to register

Designing Content

Not just updating so that lots of photos are posted on your social media, but making interesting pictures or videos. Adjust the content according to followers, if your followers only want a different theme, of course, you have to follow it. Keep learning the content that is being done by many creators. Because those of you who are constantly doing your creations will not lose followers.


looking for ideas//check

What is meant by being on time is not an admin coming to work on time. But the admin must upload the content on time when there are many viewers who are watching during peak hours. Previously, you uploaded content according to the results of everyone’s research, but there’s nothing wrong with you also taking notes at what time and what day your content is really busy with visitors. Research results are of course very much needed if you are not a popular person among artists.


Make your content into content that talks to followers. Because followers are real people. Not everyone needs interesting content, but there is an invitation that makes followers want to continue watching your content. What the followers communicate with the content owner is the willingness to answer responses or comments.

It looks like an easy task for a social media admin to do. But those of you who don’t know the task will make you confused. As a social media admin, you must be able to do everything properly and neatly.