Being a journalist may not be as easy as other jobs. Who should take the time to catch up on news and write news reports? Journalists are usually called journalists. Journalists have a fairly tough type of work. The journalist’s job is to find news, write, and compile news. Journalists are employed by many media such as newspapers, television, electronics, and many more.

An almost everyday journalist looks for a lot of news. They have to really – be on standby when getting new news. Journalists have erratic working hours. Every journalist’s work will be compiled and reported directly to his workplace. Journalists who have arranged for news writing will be immediately submitted to the media. News that has been neatly arranged will be broadcast directly through the news, newspapers, radio, television, and others. Brandnite

Have the same type of work

In getting the news the journalists will write the news based on the objective. Don’t just report news and don’t care about personal feelings. Many think that journalists and journalists are different. But without you realizing that their work is the same. Both write news reports, compile news and take photos in covering news.

catch up on news//foreign news anchor

The activities carried out are the same, there is no difference. After making arrangements and having been checked by the recipient, the news obtained from journalists can be broadcast directly on various types of media. Journalists also have this type of freelance work or are called freelance journalists. Every company occasionally employs freelance journalists.

Positive and negative sides

Although relatively cheap, freelance journalists are also tiring work. They also search for news quickly without any time constraints. When you hear the word journalist, of course, some friends also aspire to be journalists too, right? The work of journalists is mostly always outside the office. Time spent catching up on news without having to worry about the weather.

But working as a journalist also has fun, such as:

can go places
Get to know many cultures
Met lots of different people
Can enjoy the beautiful scenery in every place
Get good views
Met a lot of idols
What he dislikes most about being a journalist is:
Must experience changes in weather such as heat and rain
Cramped with other journalists
Reduced rest time
Unable to gather with family
Often come home late
Do not have time
Always hold the fear of every work
There are ups and downs in being a journalist. Even so, journalists still chase the news and broadcast the news to everyone. Search for the truth and broadcast it to all parents.

Learn from schools and colleges

Becoming a reliable journalist may not be able to do it right away. Because there are so many processes and twists and turns in work. If you still want to try then follow school activities. Schools can also provide education on how to become journalists and what the process is like. Usually, this stage can be found at campus events as well.

It’s not as good as other journalists outside, but the school and campus try to give the best guidance in becoming a journalist, even though they are still amateurs. When genuine journalists will cover news – outside news that is full of unexpected events. Then in the school and campus area, news about schools and campuses will be covered. The news they get will be included in the school magazine or campus magazine.