Is an industry that manages raw materials from chemicals to process oil and natural gas products. For this reason, the supply of oil and natural gas is very dependent. The results of this management make the results of petrochemicals into methanol, paint, nylon rubber, wax, polyethylene, clothing fibers, cosmetic tools, and so on. Petrochemical products that are often used by many people in their daily lives are detergents. With this form of management, people really need the results of oil and natural gas.

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To become a petrochemical expert you can come from a graduate education Brandnite

Chemical Engineering
To be a chemical engineer you must be proficient in mathematics, chemistry, biology, and physics. Of course, it is not easy to become a chemical engineer because there must be a lot of lessons that are constantly being updated in order to get the best results.

A scientific discipline that is based on mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology, especially microbiology to process less valuable materials into more valuable goods on an industrial scale by involving chemical, physical, and engineering processes that are interconnected through operating units.


Being an agrotechnology there are many prospects that can be worked on. Due to being an agrotechnology, you will learn the efficiency and quality of a product. Not only how to manage soil, plants, and land, but Agotechnologists learn how to produce the best products.

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Informatics Engineering
Informatics engineering is not only needed in petrochemical companies, but any company needs it. It is known that the duties of informatics engineering are graphic design, web designers, programmers, and others.

Because petrochemicals can be used as fertilizer, there are several companies that require agriculture majors. Serves to develop fertilizers that have been processed so as to trigger better things for a company.