How to Accept New Students

How to Accept New Students

How to Accept New Students

Every year the way to register new students is always different. The level of schools that accept new students is of course from elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, vocational schools, and others. For those of you who already have children in the new student stage, immediately register yourself through the route that has been determined by the government.

Here’s how to become a PPDB

Make sure PPDB already has an account. The way to have an account is not difficult, you need to submit it through a website. When you enter the website, fill in all the data correctly, then upload all the KK or token pins so they can be verified. Brandnite

Activate PIN

After everything is filled in, activate the PIN by entering the participant number. Change the pin so that is easy to remember.

Select Destination School
Select your destination school then print the proof of the school you selected.

Selection Results
Choose the appropriate level or path. Of course, the selection results are on the website that has been determined.

take care of registration
take care of registration//follow all conditions

Currently, wanting to send your child to school does not have to be the difficult way. Through online registration, participants can register. Even though it’s not time to go to school yet, you can put your child in the school you’re going to.

Students of different levels, of course, have different registration times.