Flight Attendant Work System

Flight Attendant Work System

Flight attendants have a duty to serve all passengers who will return and continue their journey during the flight. Besides being beautiful, actually not only officers on duty in air public transportation, but on land and at sea also have the title of the flight attendant. However, until now many people still think that flight attendants are only limited to air public transportation services. Even though trains and ships have female attendants, including flight attendants. Flight Attendant Work System

Secrets of Becoming a Flight Attendant and Stewardess

  1. Being a flight attendant or flight attendant has a different career path than the color of the uniform.
    Working hours are erratic because every time you receive a call you must always be active. So those of you who are on the phone have only 2 hours to get to the office. Brandnite
  2. Become a Standby Reserve, so when you are ordered to fly, you must wear full clothing.
  3. Be prepared to lose your life when you are about to fly at any time.

Flight Attendant Working Hours

could become a backup flight attendant//pretty and tall

A flight attendant has set working hours but sometimes what gets annoying is being a backup on standby. Flight attendant flight time at least 3 times a week.

All working hours of flight attendants and pilots are regulated by the Ministry of Transportation in accordance with civil aviation security regulations. even though the flight attendants’ working hours are so hectic and erratic, they flight attendants certainly give a smile.