Majoring in Animal Husbandry is not uncommon. Because with the Animal Husbandry major you can understand how to maintain, develop, manage and market it. Of course, students don’t just raise livestock or manage livestock. But asked to develop livestock technology and be able to market it. Farm

You don’t need to be confused about choosing a livestock department because there are many faculties that have these majors. Of course, being a livestock graduate is not just an ordinary graduate, but the best results from each student will be answered.

Animal Science

Many people are still confused when learning about animal husbandry, and what exactly is being discussed. Of course, it’s not discussing how to herd livestock, but there are other sciences that are learned. In the animal husbandry major you will study physics, mathematics, biology, management, economics, and chemistry. Brandnite

In the livestock department, you will learn how to maintain it to produce quality products. Of course, there will be lessons on nutrition and fodder. By knowing what types of food are allowed or not so that they can provide proper nutrition. Good livestock nutrition for poultry or other livestock is very much needed.

develop livestock//researching

Then the method for managing livestock products so that they can be sold and have other benefits will still be applied. Because good livestock can produce milk, ice cream, cheese, and yogurt. Of course, how to manage materials as well as food safety and sanitation of livestock products will be studied. Since all livestock processes have been studied, it’s no wonder why someone should be able to do marketing for the products being developed.

Job Prospects

Because you are provided with a lot of knowledge in courses, those of you who have graduated from the animal husbandry department has lots of job opportunities. The choices of work that can be done are teaching, livestock extension, quality controlling, livestock management, biotechnology expert, and livestock research. If you have excess funds, you can create an entrepreneur. Establishing skills and insights will make it easier for you to achieve the job you want.