Civil Engineering Engineer

Civil Engineering Engineer

Civil Engineering Engineer

To become a Civil Engineering Engineer you must know what the goal is. Because being a civil engineer you are not only designing, innovating, and building development but also maintaining human life. Being a civil engineer the movement is about human life.

Types of Civil Engineering

Civil engineering consists of several types, namely: Brandnite

Structural type studies the material problems that will be used in development. The shape of the building itself is of many kinds, such as steel, concrete, glass, or wood. If a civil engineer must be able to choose which material is suitable when it will be built later. So a structural will explore development activities to the roots. Usually, the buildings studied are bridges, roads, tunnels, or buildings that start from the foundation until all the buildings have been completed.


know the construction structure//research

The type of geotechnical is to study the type of soil or rock that is already standing on a building. Geotechnical here is the study of something that is below the ground surface. In other words, geotechnical experts will determine whether the land in an area will be safe or good if you want to build a building.

Construction Management

Construction management is a matter that will be related to the legal or licensing process so that the building process can be completed on time. It is not only a matter of the economy (cost) of development but also of the schedule and the return of capital is the task of construction management.


The study of irrigation is related to flood weather, river water discharge, rainfall, and others. But the science that studies water pressure, water thrust, or material properties of water is called hydraulics.

Environmental Engineering

Learn about environmental issues such as infrastructure and facilities. Management of clean water, dirty water, and waste is the task of environmental engineering.


Studying systems in transportation and construction related to transportation. The fields in question are terminals, stations, airports, and roads.

Inform Civil Engineering

This type includes new things which will be applied to computers. What will be explored is the movement of groundwater, the environment, and building structures.