Banking Profession

Banking Profession

Banking Profession

Discussing the professionals in banking, courses, many people do not know. Of course, banking is closed, only insiders know what kind of work is needed by the bank. The bank is a very large company where the bank will serve a lot of customers. The following are professions in banking


A teller is someone who manages incoming and outgoing money directly from the customer. Teller transactions with customers are of course direct, the teller’s job may seem easy but very often people make mistakes because they trust tellers to cause misunderstandings. Brandnite – Tellers are only humans who can make mistakes, so those of you who make transactions in and out must be double-checked so that you don’t feel cheated actually mistakes are not intentional. To become a teller, of course, there are many tests that must be carried out. The teller actually does not work alone in handling incoming and outgoing money but will be accompanied by the head teller.

Customer service

Customer service is in charge of serving customers who will print books, open accounts, close books and help with other problems such as blocked ATMs or others. Certainly being a customer service at a bank must have the right level of speed and accuracy so that mistakes don’t occur.

account officer

Account officers are often referred to as AO. The task of AO itself is to find customers who will do credit. After getting customers who will credit, of course, an AO will manage customer credit. Certainly, not all customers can apply for credit, because an evaluation of the feasibility of the loan must be carried out, and later a business plan will be given in the cost process.

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Funding Officer

A funding officer is a professional that works in the field of corporate financing for individuals and groups. The intended work is to carry out strategies for fundraising or identify which areas need funding. That way FO work must be done consistently in the administration of income and expenses.


The auditor’s job is the job most people fear. Because the job of the audits is to check all the provisions that should work with the existing rules. The results of the inspection that has been carried out will be shown to the directors.

sales officer

The sales officer has the duty to offer many products from the bank. Of course, the bank has many products that customers might be able to take, such as deposits, savings, current accounts, or credit cards. Of course, to become a sales officer, you must have the desired qualifications, such as understanding marketing and liking challenges.