Aquatic Resources Management

Aquatic Resources Management

Aquatic Resources Management

Because in Indonesia the ocean is wider than the land area, management of aquatic resources is needed. Assessment of various methods is needed to create resources that are efficient and able to preserve the environment.

If one university or the ability of a person who can manage resources can be developed then it must have a mission. Of course, achieving this mission requires support from the government as well as from oneself. Developing and conserving natural resources will result in tens of years. And of course, it’s not only the earth that feels this preservation, but the people themselves will feel better than before. Brandnite

Work prospect

Being a graduate of aquatic resources, of course, there are many opportunities to find work. Not only have competent grades in the academy, but a graduate is also able to work well while in his job. Becoming a scholar is of course not easy because there are various things that need to be passed, especially during the final period when a student is about to graduate. Job opportunities to become graduates of aquatic resources are

Government employees

Civil Servants are so extensive that those who can enter the department are the Fisheries Service, marine research and observation centers, or even become the minister of maritime affairs and fisheries.

preserving the environment//researching


A job that is more flexible and achieves a lot of money is to become an entrepreneur. If you become an entrepreneur, of course, it’s not easy, but with the best graduates you have, you can make yourself bigger and more developed.


Rarely does anyone hear the word specialist in aquatic resources graduates. But in fact, there are also those who can make it a specialist. Becoming an aquatic resources graduate will make you a nature conservation specialist or even an irrigation specialist.


Being anything of course must be scrutinized and aquatic resources also require researchers. It is people who are conscientious who are able to make aquatic resources better. If you intend to become a researcher of course there is a big salary waiting for you.

Some of the jobs that are offered are indeed tempting, but those of you who are unable to be responsible will make your work neglected.