Something that is utilized in agricultural products is the agroindustry. The results that are utilized can be from raw materials, equipment, and services. Indonesia, which is rich in main ingredients from agriculture, has several obstacles that make it difficult to manage. Of course, the product to be managed has material commodities of up to 80%, but the ability to manage them is minimal.

If this type of agriculture is run properly, the product produced will produce a high economy. Examples of agricultural products that produce high value are cocoa powder, coffee, tea products, or powders such as turmeric and so on.

The agroindustry learns about the agricultural industry with research results. For this reason, research is always carried out to develop knowledge. Usually, people will imagine a rice field when discussing agriculture. But actually, there are so many agricultural products that are intended not only that. Studying agricultural science serves to manage basic products of good quality. Brandnite

Business Opportunities or Prospects

An agroindustrial graduate or what is commonly called an agricultural engineer can have job opportunities anywhere. Of course, there has been provision given since choosing an agricultural major and more or less you can also understand and broaden your horizons about the agricultural sector. There are many opportunities if you really understand Argoindustry itself after graduating from college, among them


Being a lecturer is not a bad thing especially if you are a teacher at a university. With various provisions from your previous teacher, you can follow the way of teaching or you yourself can become the best and different version of your teacher.

become a developer and researcher//agriculture

There are fewer and fewer people who will become researchers in agriculture. Surely people who become researchers do not have easy jobs, but there are many advantages that many people don’t have.

Knowing the ins and outs of agriculture, of course, you can overcome problems if you become an entrepreneur. Apart from the ins and outs, you can also find out which ones will be taken into consideration in making decisions.

In a company, there must be a manager who will solve a problem. The salary that a manager will get is not a certain salary.

civil servant
Civil Servants will certainly continue to take turns in conducting interviews in recruiting new workers. Usually, in the agricultural branch, there are rarely those who register, so you have many possibilities if you want to become a civil servant in agriculture.