The agribusiness department is a major that studies agriculture and business practices. Modern agricultural management will develop into the food industry that why there is a business in it. The Department of Agribusiness can also be said to be a socio-economic department of agriculture. In this case, of course, the agribusiness department will examine human efforts in developing natural resources so that they are more useful in meeting needs. And of course, trying to be more profitable. Students who successfully take up to 4 years of study will get a Bachelor of Agriculture, which is usually shortened to (S.P.) but those of you who choose Agricultural Socioeconomics will have a degree in Agribusiness. When choosing a major, it is better to understand what and how the majors are chosen.

Advantages of choosing an agricultural science major

  1. It is easy to get a job because a bachelor in agriculture can help the government to control the problem of any crops or agricultural products. Many positions are needed by the Ministry of Agriculture for agricultural graduates such as Widyaiswara, plant seed supervision, and others. Brandnite
  2. Can be an entrepreneur of agricultural commodities.
  3. Understand how to manage agricultural land to be modern.
  4. Can create new varieties
  5. Handling post-harvest commodities, able to understand marketing and agricultural products.

Job Prospects

There are many opportunities if you are already a graduate of agricultural science. Not just an entrepreneur, but there are career paths that can be taken. Here are job opportunities

majors that provide many benefits//agriculture
  • BUMN
  • Private companies
  • Businessman
  • Lecturer
  • Researcher
  • Agricultural Consultant and so on

Those of you who have shown the best ability, of course, are not just given a salary. But there is a good salary offer so you have an edge. Of course, different experiences will also have different positions and salary incentives.