Tourism Profession

Tourism Profession

Being a worker in the tourism sector, of course, can be done according to existing regulations. There are several tasks that can be done in the tourism sector. A worker in tourism must have a lot of insight that must be explored in order to become more professional. Tourism Profession

Ticket seller

People who sell tickets, of course, have been given a price set by the company or government. With a ticket, visitors will be free to enter and exit at the specified location. Brandnite

Rent Lodging

Tourist attractions that provide lodging are, of course, places that travelers really need. Of course, those who do tours are not only local residents but there are residents from abroad or residents outside the island. Renting a place to stay does not have to be in the form of a hotel, but can be a villa or a site that is suitable for use.

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  1. Tour guide
    tour guide is another name for a tour guide. The tour guide’s task is to provide tourists with information about the locations visited. Of course, there must be expert language and pronunciation skills in order to make the tour guide more professional. And it would be better to have broad insight that will make a guide have many jobs.