The Profession is a job that performs tasks based on responsibility. TheProfession is a type of work that is permanent. The beginning of word profession began to be known by the public when someone used the Dutch language. Many think that the profession is just an ordinary job.

But it turned out to be different from what they thought. Must have a great responsibility and also be alert when carrying out his profession. TheProfession does not mean just one job. But there are many types of work that can be called a profession.

Here are the names of the professions

Security guard
Air Force
flight attendant
Make-up artists and many other types of professions

The Profession is not an ordinary type of work. They must have a high sense of responsibility and also work hard. Any type of work can also be called one of the professions. TheProfession does not look at the type of work. Brandnite

Work with professionals

Indeed, there are some people who think that theProfession only deserves to be clothed with high jobs and good education. Of course, this is not denied. But the most important thing in a job is to have characteristics that match the profession they are running.

work according to job//variety

Sometimes there are those who only use the name of the job as a status. Not running according to the work they do. Then there are several things that must be considered about the profession, namely:

Have basic skills and knowledge

Having basic skills and knowledge is one of the keys to getting a job. Many types of professions usually apply an example to show someone’s talent. Basic knowledge is also important. Must know the type of work they will do later.


Every job requires a badge or diploma. In a job, sometimes education becomes the main thing. Not everyone can get a professional if they don’t have an education. Education in the profession can be obtained by high school or it can be with additional schools.

Be firm

Being assertive can be a major cornerstone of work. Can make the right decisions without being soft.


Do not act arbitrarily and work according to their profession. Sometimes someone who has a high profession forgets their responsibilities and promises. Being responsible doesn’t mean just doing the job. Rather, being responsible can be done based on their purpose of working in accordance with their profession.

Public status and services

The Status will prove job standing. The higher a person’s position, the greater the type of work they do. A high status proves one’s success.
Public services can be done based on the type of work they do. Provide the best service and make residents safe and trust.