Steps to become an Advocate

Steps to become an Advocate

Advocate is a job regarding legal services which can be a companion, legal consultant, exercise power, represent, defend, and can act on other laws in the interests of the client’s law. Then an advocate holds a license for legal services in court according to the Decree of the Minister of Justice and can hold proceedings throughout the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.

It’s not someone’s fault if they have high ideals especially when it comes to human rights. Being a lawyer or being whatever it is is a choice. If you have a good opportunity and are willing to fight for that opportunity, there will definitely be many ways to get it. However, there are many procedures that must be followed to become an advocate. Not just being a law graduate, or coming from a citizen of a country of origin.

Here are the steps

Have a Bachelor of Laws degree Brandnite
Join a lawyer’s organization.
Take the exam from an advocate and get results until graduation.
Internship in an advocate’s office according to the specified time is approximately 2 years.

Duties and Authorities of Advocates

Because advocates also have duties that have been determined according to the law, clients cannot be careless as long as they say other tasks. Everything already has a portion that has been determined, along with the duties and authorities
Providing Legal Services
Providing free assistance to justice seekers who can’t afford it.
Keep everything related to the client a secret that is still related to the profession.

as an assistant attorney//step

Advocate function

Not only do other professions such as teachers have a function, but advocates also have a function. The function of an advocate is

Law Enforcers, if there is a problem, the advocate will help the judge find the correct data according to the code of ethics, in accordance with the law, justice, and upholding Pancasila.
Work professionally according to the code of ethics. So that there are clients who are less able to be given free of charge according to applicable law.
Helping the judicial process run efficiently.
Act to defend human dignity and worth in the face of criminal justice.