The presenter’s name is already familiar to the public. We know the word presenter from the program on television. Many types of programs are available on television. From each of these programs will definitely hear the word presenter. Of course, ordinary people already know the meaning of presenter, right? Yes, a presenter is a type of job that broadcasts news and at the same time can broadcast television programs.

If we are still children, of course, we will be asked what we are their goals when we grow up. maybe the answer will vary such as: being a doctor, teacher, engineer, policeman, journalist, or presenter. Sister, and many more. It’s really nice to hear that children are able to find their dreams. But children can also change over time and unconsciously their goals change.

Easy and hard

Brandnite – If there are still those who pursue their ideals from childhood, their desires can be said to be strong and great. Being a presenter can be said to be easy but difficult. The convenience of being a presenter is:
Speak clearly
Every word spoken is heard
Know how to carry yourself

The hardest part about being a presenter is:

keep practicing//attitude

Can use English
Too much material
Forgot dialogue or text
Unclear pronunciation
Often stutters

There is no response to the information submitted

Almost all presenters continue to practice so that they can become the best and most reliable presenters. Turning weaknesses into strengths and improving the system in learning to be a presenter. Presenters can be in any position so we can choose what presenter we want to be. every television program there will be a news anchor who is ready to convey a lot of information.

Avoid panic

The types of presenters that we often find in our work are news presenters, tv programs, gossip shows, and many other types. It’s not easy being a presenter. Because the presenters will certainly be tested first by the television broadcaster. To be a great presenter we must train our confidence, how to respond, and master the expression when reading the news.

For presenters who are experts, of course, there is no difficulty when presenting the event. In contrast to those who are new, they are still nervous, and sometimes there is a thing called stage fright. Anxiety continues to haunt them, making them sometimes mispronounce and act outside the text.

The best way to deal with tension

The presenter is also a cool term for people who do presentations in companies. When we are in a meeting, of course, we will go forward to talk about some things that are held together with the client. In this case, we are required to be able to master the material and not experience such a thing as an error in speaking.

Still new in the world of presenters, of course, we have to train hard to be the best. Ways to not experience tension when being a presenter can be by:

Practice in the bathroom or room
Trying to record myself
See examples of presenters on television
Learn to bring presenter material
Understanding conditions and intonation in reading.
With regular practice and always trying to do our own research, we will easily know where the mistakes are that we need to fix. Trying to ask other people’s opinions so that the enthusiasm for learning can be better.