Requirements to Become a Flight Attendant

Requirements to Become a Flight Attendant

Flight attendants are a woman professionals in airplanes and sea staff. Of course, the flight attendant’s job is to serve passengers. A flight attendant, of course, does not only work in a team but works individually. Before heading to the flight attendant requirements, you must first know what their duties are


understand the duties of a flight attendant//friendly

before carrying out their duties flight attendants must attend a briefing. What is discussed is the route, conditions, or weather at that time. Not only that, it turns out that food preparation or anything for high-class guests must be considered. Don’t miss the first task because it will make it easier for you to do the next activity. Brandnite

  1. Check Tickets
    a ticket on an airplane is called a boarding pass. Of course, a flight attendant must match the ticket with the KTP that will board the plane.
  2. Controlling
    a flight attendant must control doors, security devices, and anything so that all passengers arrive safely at their destination. Checking all the tools that will be needed, of course, cannot be missed until they don’t exist.
  3. Instructions
    Another important task is giving instructions. Giving instructions to all passengers needs to be done even if a flight attendant is bored with what he is doing. Not only giving instructions during the initial trip but when bad weather occurs you can do well.
  4. Helping Pilots and Co-Pilots
    Of course, a pilot or co-pilot needs help because there really has to be teamwork if this needs to be done. During long trips, flight attendants must be ready to serve pilots to their destinations, even if they have a long period of time.