How to Become a Pilot

How to Become a Pilot

Those of you who aspire to become a pilot can of course come true if you meet all the requirements. Almost all children want to be a pilot, but it’s not easy to become a pilot. It’s not just education that is needed to become a pilot, but those of you who dare to carry passengers on flights. Maybe those of you who have only seen pilots find it easy to fly planes. But there is a big responsibility that cannot be ignored.

The following are the stages of becoming a pilot

Special Education – Brandnite
After fulfilling the selection requirements, you can enter the education entry stage. The important requirement that you must pass is to have a minimum height of 160cm, not be color blind, and be in good health. But there are things you need to know, namely aPilot must be able to speak English well. The education that must be taken is 1 to 2 years depending on each school.


get a certificate//stages of becoming a pilot

to get a license you have to take official exams such as flight tests or written tests. If you are declared to have passed, there will be a flying certification or what is commonly called a flight diploma. If you have a pilot’s license, you can fly an airplane. But there is an airplane size that will be written later when it passes the test later.
Some stages of becoming a pilot cannot be changed if you want to make it happen. As aPilot, you must be mentally and physically prepared, because there are tasks that are carried out according to existing regulations.