Level of Education for Architects

Level of Education for Architects

After someone has received education from elementary to high school, of course, there is another level to become an architect. When you will become an architect. You don’t just choose a major to be able to achieve that education. but you chose to major in architecture.

In order to get a Bachelor of Engineering degree, you have to study for 4 years. When you have graduated with a bachelor of architecture, the title you will get is S.Ars and continues with a Bachelor of Architecture. Formerly architecture in educational degrees was S.T (Bachelor of Engineering) because it was under the auspices of the engineering faculty.

Steps To Become a reliable architecture

Brandnite – Not just doing lessons from school to get a degree, but an architect also needs a lot of money to do courses. Moreover, for someone who is still not an expert but must want to become an architect, here are the steps

Counting Course

To get into the architectural department, usually, the university will ask new students about their math scores. Not only in Indonesia but in other countries the same thing is also enforced, but the difference is using English. If you want to do a counting course it would be better for you to study in English.

predict land type//see building
Design Course

Of course, to become an architect will not only be owned by people – people who are smart in imagination. But imagination can be developed and can be made according to the combined images or hallucinations from design 1 with other designs. As stupid as a human being, he will not only swallow an image raw. There must be a dream or image that can be combined by him without realizing it. So those of you who intend to become an architect but are not good at drawing, then you need a course first.

CAD courses

This is the most important course because the times are so advanced that it is impossible for someone to draw on paper and give it to the client. With you being able to make clear images, it is very easy for clients to read.

Place Visit

An architect will visit a very good place, namely a building that has the best artistic value. Apart from visiting it would be a good idea to note down what you need in order to develop a level of understanding of architecture. If visiting a place there are problems, you can do it via Google maps.