Reporting is a very helpful job for publishers. If there is no reporter then we will not know the current events. The reporter is one type of work that covers the news. The news that is covered is not only in one place but can be in many places. Even reporters can also report directly when they get news about events on the spot.

Reporters also do not look at the time. Any news that is obtained will be immediately pursued and broadcast live to report the incident. Maybe many think that reporters and journalists are the same. Yet it is very different. A journalist is a journalist who does some writing research and then reports to the media. As for reporters, they do live coverage and broadcast live.

Followed rules

Brandnite – Not everyone can be a reporter. Must have a certificate to be able to work as a reporter. When launching or introducing some products, the company will hire journalists, reporters, and editors. The work of editors is not as great as that of journalists or writers. They don’t get paid much.

The news they get will be immediately released when doing a live broadcast. Reporters also do news writing either orally or not. The code of ethics that reporters are required to obey in making news is:

  • Prioritize the truth news
  • No need to be first
  • Be fair
  • Don’t look down on people
  • Check the news first
  • Looking for the right resource
    The reporter’s code of ethics is permanent law and rule for reporters. The job of being a reporter is almost the same as a news announcer. The difference is that they have different broadcast locations. In addition to broadcasting news outside the office, reporters also have duties that are no less important than journalists and broadcasters.


The tasks they have to do can’t just be written and then reported. They will check and find out all the events they are dealing with. It took quite a while to be able to make a news report. Analyze, record, and conduct interviews with trusted sources.

What’s even more powerful than a reporter is that at the time of the incident, they look for information first, and then they can tell the cause of the incident. It’s a tiring job because you don’t see the time when you’re covering the news. A reporter also has great ability in his work.

Ability and personality

Easy to mingle with other people. have a high enough curiosity when dealing with cases. Highly knowledgeable and have broad insight. By having broad insight, reporters can do their job in covering the news. Able to communicate well with everyone. Good at speaking and able to lighten the mood when doing coverage.

As a reporter, you must have a lot of personalities that is quite good and polite. Reporters must also have a high curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Always willing to learn and able to solve any problems. Always be thorough and careful when you see any wrong reports. Be critical [ curious ] when getting material to cover the news.

Reporters also have a creative side that can also allow people to imagine. Have confidence and always be fair in doing work. Does not look at the status when covering the resource persons.