Steps to Become an Engineer

Steps to Become an Engineer

Some of the stages if you want to become an engineer are
Engineering major
Take engineering majors for 1 year. Usually, students or students will do more internships later. For face-to-face lessons with lecturers only for a moment.

Engineering Training

Brandnite – The training program will usually be carried out by students graduating from engineering majors in order to get an engineering certificate. The training process will usually be carried out at the same time as completing the portfolio. The results of the portfolio will be used as a reference in terms of passing according to the score obtained.

Qualification score in the profession of Engineering

Become an engineer also has provisions in accordance with the law where there are regulations in Law No. 11 of 2004 There are engineering qualifications based on scores. The following is a score that must be owned when becoming an engineer

  • Score 600 Is Primary Professional Engineer
  • A score of 3000 is Associate Professional Engineer
  • A score of 6000 is the Main Professional engineer

Of course, determining the score has reached an agreement through the Indonesian Engineers Association or commonly known as PII.

experience in building//apprenticeship
Engineering Certification Requirements

If all scores are in accordance with the provisions of the PII, then there are other conditions that must be met in order to achieve absolute certification. The following are the requirements for the PII Professional Engineer certification

To become a member of PII, requirements to become a member are:

a. Have experience in engineering for more than 3 years (Applicable for bachelor of engineering)
b. Bachelor of Applied Engineering must have experience in engineering for more than 5 years.
c. Filling out the Professional Engineer Application Form
d. Photocopy of Bachelor of Engineering Diploma
e. Passport photo size 3×4
f. Make certification payments on qualifications such as Primary, Intermediate or even Major professional engineers.

  1. Skills Certification Requirements
  2. Fill in the SKA Application Form
  3. Fill in the Self-Assessment Form
  4. Have an Original Legalized Certificate
  5. Copy of personal NPWP
  6. Copy of KTP
  7. Passport photo size 3×4
  8. Provide a complete CV along with job descriptions.