Profesi  Bidang Transportasi

Profesi  Bidang Transportasi

Ada banyak profesi pada bidang transportasi sehingga anda tidak perlu bingung untuk memilih profesi seperti apa yang di inginkan. Karena ada banyaknya transportasi di dunia maka para konsumen berhak memilih jenis transportasi mana yang akan dilakukan. Transportasi memang sangat dibutuhkan sekali sebab tidak semua orang hanya menggunakan 1 transportasi saja. Berikut ini adalah beberapa pekerjaan pada bidang transportasi

  1. Supir

Menjadi supir harus memiliki lisensi khusus seperti Surat Izin Mengemudi (SIM). yang di maksud supir bukan hanya untuk mobil pribadi tetapi supir truk, bus, bahkan supir taksi.  Pastikan menjadi supir anda mempertimbangkan keselamatan penumpang dan pribadi. Brandnite

  1. Masini’s

Masinis ialah seorang supir kereta api. Tugas masinis bukan hanya sekedar membawa kereta api saja tetapi memeriksa mesin, memastikan rute perjalan agar lebih aman di sepanjang perjalanan. 

mengantar sampai selamat//supir
  1. Kondektur
    seorang kondektur memiliki tugas memastikan penumpang yang keluar masuk. Kondektur biasa ada pada bus maupun kereta api. Kondektur pun berkewajiban memberikan pelayanan terbaik bagi penumpangnya. 
  2. Kernet
    kernet adalah seorang pembantu sopir. Tugas kernet ialah mengambil uang kepada penumpang dan bahkan memberikan ruang kepada penumpang apabila ada tempat kosong untuk dinaiki. 
  3. Tukang Ojek
    Tukang ojek sangat di butuhkan sekali oleh banyak orang, tetapi tidak semua tempat menyediakan fasilitas ojek. Tukang ojek biasanya identik dengan motor. Saat ini bukan hanya ojek pangkalan saja yang ada di jalan tetapi saat ini sudah ada tukang ojek online. 

Professional Haircutters and Stylists

Professional Haircutters and Stylists

A barber and hairdresser don’t have to go to high school to get this job. Because to become a hairdresser you can take courses. It’s quite difficult if you don’t do this work from the heart. Because being a hairdresser or a cutter besides having the pleasure of work, you have to be patient.

Where do you work as a hairdresser and stylist?

People who work as hairdressers and cutters can have both the same and differences. Because the skills that are carried out are not all needed in 1 job. Many people are still confused if they become a hairdresser and cutter, will they get a good job? Of course, those of you who are barbers and hairdressers can get much better jobs than you can imagine. Brandnite
A hairdresser can work with artists, open a salon or join as a professional salon worker. A professional hairdresser will of course give the best results when going to do the test. Sometimes even a professional does not necessarily know people so there are still people who doubt it. But it doesn’t matter because work is from the heart and you like it, so you will definitely get a job anywhere easily.

develop talent//styling hair

Indeed, a hairdresser and hairdresser can really do the job if he has a lot of tools. Because the tools are complete, that’s why it’s easier for a hairdresser and cutter to get a job. If the capital issued by a hairdresser and cutter is calculated, it may be so much, but with expertise, of course, by practicing it, you will get the capital back.
Equipment that is owned at least curly tool, vise, comb, hair spray, scissors, clipper, razor, foam, bobby pins, and others. As a professional barber and the best hairstylist, you can’t underestimate if the results are not proven.

Steps to become an Advocate

Steps to become an Advocate

Advocate is a job regarding legal services which can be a companion, legal consultant, exercise power, represent, defend, and can act on other laws in the interests of the client’s law. Then an advocate holds a license for legal services in court according to the Decree of the Minister of Justice and can hold proceedings throughout the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.

It’s not someone’s fault if they have high ideals especially when it comes to human rights. Being a lawyer or being whatever it is is a choice. If you have a good opportunity and are willing to fight for that opportunity, there will definitely be many ways to get it. However, there are many procedures that must be followed to become an advocate. Not just being a law graduate, or coming from a citizen of a country of origin.

Here are the steps

Have a Bachelor of Laws degree Brandnite
Join a lawyer’s organization.
Take the exam from an advocate and get results until graduation.
Internship in an advocate’s office according to the specified time is approximately 2 years.

Duties and Authorities of Advocates

Because advocates also have duties that have been determined according to the law, clients cannot be careless as long as they say other tasks. Everything already has a portion that has been determined, along with the duties and authorities
Providing Legal Services
Providing free assistance to justice seekers who can’t afford it.
Keep everything related to the client a secret that is still related to the profession.

as an assistant attorney//step

Advocate function

Not only do other professions such as teachers have a function, but advocates also have a function. The function of an advocate is

Law Enforcers, if there is a problem, the advocate will help the judge find the correct data according to the code of ethics, in accordance with the law, justice, and upholding Pancasila.
Work professionally according to the code of ethics. So that there are clients who are less able to be given free of charge according to applicable law.
Helping the judicial process run efficiently.
Act to defend human dignity and worth in the face of criminal justice.

Steps to Become an Engineer

Steps to Become an Engineer

Some of the stages if you want to become an engineer are
Engineering major
Take engineering majors for 1 year. Usually, students or students will do more internships later. For face-to-face lessons with lecturers only for a moment.

Engineering Training

Brandnite – The training program will usually be carried out by students graduating from engineering majors in order to get an engineering certificate. The training process will usually be carried out at the same time as completing the portfolio. The results of the portfolio will be used as a reference in terms of passing according to the score obtained.

Qualification score in the profession of Engineering

Become an engineer also has provisions in accordance with the law where there are regulations in Law No. 11 of 2004 There are engineering qualifications based on scores. The following is a score that must be owned when becoming an engineer

  • Score 600 Is Primary Professional Engineer
  • A score of 3000 is Associate Professional Engineer
  • A score of 6000 is the Main Professional engineer

Of course, determining the score has reached an agreement through the Indonesian Engineers Association or commonly known as PII.

experience in building//apprenticeship
Engineering Certification Requirements

If all scores are in accordance with the provisions of the PII, then there are other conditions that must be met in order to achieve absolute certification. The following are the requirements for the PII Professional Engineer certification

To become a member of PII, requirements to become a member are:

a. Have experience in engineering for more than 3 years (Applicable for bachelor of engineering)
b. Bachelor of Applied Engineering must have experience in engineering for more than 5 years.
c. Filling out the Professional Engineer Application Form
d. Photocopy of Bachelor of Engineering Diploma
e. Passport photo size 3×4
f. Make certification payments on qualifications such as Primary, Intermediate or even Major professional engineers.

  1. Skills Certification Requirements
  2. Fill in the SKA Application Form
  3. Fill in the Self-Assessment Form
  4. Have an Original Legalized Certificate
  5. Copy of personal NPWP
  6. Copy of KTP
  7. Passport photo size 3×4
  8. Provide a complete CV along with job descriptions.

Level of Education for Architects

Level of Education for Architects

After someone has received education from elementary to high school, of course, there is another level to become an architect. When you will become an architect. You don’t just choose a major to be able to achieve that education. but you chose to major in architecture.

In order to get a Bachelor of Engineering degree, you have to study for 4 years. When you have graduated with a bachelor of architecture, the title you will get is S.Ars and continues with a Bachelor of Architecture. Formerly architecture in educational degrees was S.T (Bachelor of Engineering) because it was under the auspices of the engineering faculty.

Steps To Become a reliable architecture

Brandnite – Not just doing lessons from school to get a degree, but an architect also needs a lot of money to do courses. Moreover, for someone who is still not an expert but must want to become an architect, here are the steps

Counting Course

To get into the architectural department, usually, the university will ask new students about their math scores. Not only in Indonesia but in other countries the same thing is also enforced, but the difference is using English. If you want to do a counting course it would be better for you to study in English.

predict land type//see building
Design Course

Of course, to become an architect will not only be owned by people – people who are smart in imagination. But imagination can be developed and can be made according to the combined images or hallucinations from design 1 with other designs. As stupid as a human being, he will not only swallow an image raw. There must be a dream or image that can be combined by him without realizing it. So those of you who intend to become an architect but are not good at drawing, then you need a course first.

CAD courses

This is the most important course because the times are so advanced that it is impossible for someone to draw on paper and give it to the client. With you being able to make clear images, it is very easy for clients to read.

Place Visit

An architect will visit a very good place, namely a building that has the best artistic value. Apart from visiting it would be a good idea to note down what you need in order to develop a level of understanding of architecture. If visiting a place there are problems, you can do it via Google maps.

Marine Science

Marine Science

What is taught in the marine science department is discussing marine organisms, marine ecosystems, ocean currents, waves, seafloor geology, atmosphere, and geophysical fluid dynamics. Later it will discuss the potential for global warming, climate change, and biosphere issues.

Advantages of choosing Ocean Sciences

Brandnite – Having broad insight because MarineScience will provide a long process and usually people will be more disciplined.

You are a marine science graduate, you will need it in a country. Moreover, discussing or studying the benefits of the sea or even just ensuring activities in the sea for humans.
Job Prospects are certainly not playing and many opportunities can be taken. There is also an oil company that requires graduates of MarineScience, to record and design drilling in the oceans.
Can become a fishery, marine consultant, or even in the field of mapping.

Work prospect

Learn all that has to do with the sea//see the sea

Opportunities to get a job from the marine science department are quite a lot and can lead to a career path. The salary offered is competitive and maybe even more if you have more skills and experience.
But for those of you who don’t want to work with other people, maybe you can become an independent entrepreneur, such as an independent consultant, or have a marine tour.
Can work in the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.
As marine analysis, data, or area conservation analysis.

  1. Biotechnology researcher
  2. Environmental Conservation Technician
  3. Breeders
  4. Mine, Oil, and Material Technicians.

For marine science majors, it will usually take up to 4 years. Not only the desire to know many types of knowledge about the sea but there is indeed a lot of knowledge that will be obtained later. Because discussion of marine science is discussing animals, marine microbes, or plants.

The subjects that will be discussed are usually marine zoology, tropical marine ecology, oceanography, and mapping of marine biological resources. Marine meteorology, chorology, marine pollution, marine instrumentation, and management of coastal and marine areas. If all courses are studied and you successfully pass, of course, you will have a Bachelor of Marine Science degree.

How to Become a Pilot

How to Become a Pilot

Those of you who aspire to become a pilot can of course come true if you meet all the requirements. Almost all children want to be a pilot, but it’s not easy to become a pilot. It’s not just education that is needed to become a pilot, but those of you who dare to carry passengers on flights. Maybe those of you who have only seen pilots find it easy to fly planes. But there is a big responsibility that cannot be ignored.

The following are the stages of becoming a pilot

Special Education – Brandnite
After fulfilling the selection requirements, you can enter the education entry stage. The important requirement that you must pass is to have a minimum height of 160cm, not be color blind, and be in good health. But there are things you need to know, namely aPilot must be able to speak English well. The education that must be taken is 1 to 2 years depending on each school.


get a certificate//stages of becoming a pilot

to get a license you have to take official exams such as flight tests or written tests. If you are declared to have passed, there will be a flying certification or what is commonly called a flight diploma. If you have a pilot’s license, you can fly an airplane. But there is an airplane size that will be written later when it passes the test later.
Some stages of becoming a pilot cannot be changed if you want to make it happen. As aPilot, you must be mentally and physically prepared, because there are tasks that are carried out according to existing regulations.

Types of Teachers and Their Functions and Duties

Types of Teachers and Their Functions and Duties

The teacher is someone who will teach his students at school. There are a lot of teachers in their subjects. It is known that there are kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school teachers. Each school usually has several teachers who are able to concurrently from one class to another. Types of Teachers and Their Functions and Duties. But in the end, there are 3 types of teachers that will be found later namely

Counseling teacher

Brandnite – This Counseling Teacher is known as a BP, BK, or Guiding Teacher. If there are children who have problems, they will be taken care of by the supervising teacher. Usually, these BK teachers are at the junior and senior high school/vocational school levels. Children who have problems will be given the best solution so they can get grades and carry out their obligations as students.

Subject teachers

teach and give directions//teacher

Subject teachers are teachers who are only specialized in one subject. For this reason, sometimes the school has several subject teachers. 1 Subject or subject teachers can teach up to several classes at once.

Classroom teacher

A class teacher is a teacher who serves as a homeroom teacher. The task of the homeroom teacher is much bigger than the subject teacher. Because the duties, authorities, and responsibilities must be in accordance with existing provisions. So in essence, subject teachers want to serve as guardians of students.

The teacher’s job at school is to replace the parents of students when they are at school, for this reason, teachers are often called unsung heroes. And students should also respect and value teachers like their own parents. The teacher’s role is actually not much different from the role of parents, because it is the teacher who teaches us how to write, and how to count and provides other valuable and meaningful lessons. Teacher interaction with students also has a short time even though the teacher used changes.

Types and Duties of Engineers

Types and Duties of Engineers

It is known that there are many types of engineers. So those of you who are going to become engineers must understand what field you will choose. Because if you get it wrong you will definitely be disappointed. In contrast to people who already have a plan to major in engineering, it will be easy and will definitely not repeat from 0. But whatever it is, if you intend to, it’s definitely much better than just a hobby. Types and Duties of Engineers. Brandnite

The following types of engineers are

  • Civil Engineering
  • Electricity
  • Mining
  • Machine
  • Chemistry and many more kinds.
choose a major//career

Behind being an engineer whatever it is, there are several tasks namely

Creating New Things
If you are a mechanical or technology engineer then you have to invent new technology. Because the world will continue to change, therefore new innovations must be developed. If there is no development then humans themselves will have more deficiencies. For example the development of technology, drinking water, or medicines. From this example, if not addressed immediately, it will definitely be fatal.

Fostering cooperation with government agencies, universities, and the business world. This function is to develop science and technology in the engineering profession.

Develop Solutions

By developing a solution of course it will be beneficial. Developing natural resources or things that have good potential for the future is very important for human needs. If it is not continuously developed, it will return to being an ancient human.

An engineer in order to develop and create new things must have additional skills and if necessary continue to learn to be better. Far from the world of education that engineers must be able to add knowledge over time.

By paying attention to every detail, the engineer will be said to be successful and correct if it is suitable and there are no errors. Everything an engineer does is done logically, systematically, and calculated. Therefore, if there is a new innovation, it has usually been taken into account in detail.



Being a journalist may not be as easy as other jobs. Who should take the time to catch up on news and write news reports? Journalists are usually called journalists. Journalists have a fairly tough type of work. The journalist’s job is to find news, write, and compile news. Journalists are employed by many media such as newspapers, television, electronics, and many more.

An almost everyday journalist looks for a lot of news. They have to really – be on standby when getting new news. Journalists have erratic working hours. Every journalist’s work will be compiled and reported directly to his workplace. Journalists who have arranged for news writing will be immediately submitted to the media. News that has been neatly arranged will be broadcast directly through the news, newspapers, radio, television, and others. Brandnite

Have the same type of work

In getting the news the journalists will write the news based on the objective. Don’t just report news and don’t care about personal feelings. Many think that journalists and journalists are different. But without you realizing that their work is the same. Both write news reports, compile news and take photos in covering news.

catch up on news//foreign news anchor

The activities carried out are the same, there is no difference. After making arrangements and having been checked by the recipient, the news obtained from journalists can be broadcast directly on various types of media. Journalists also have this type of freelance work or are called freelance journalists. Every company occasionally employs freelance journalists.

Positive and negative sides

Although relatively cheap, freelance journalists are also tiring work. They also search for news quickly without any time constraints. When you hear the word journalist, of course, some friends also aspire to be journalists too, right? The work of journalists is mostly always outside the office. Time spent catching up on news without having to worry about the weather.

But working as a journalist also has fun, such as:

can go places
Get to know many cultures
Met lots of different people
Can enjoy the beautiful scenery in every place
Get good views
Met a lot of idols
What he dislikes most about being a journalist is:
Must experience changes in weather such as heat and rain
Cramped with other journalists
Reduced rest time
Unable to gather with family
Often come home late
Do not have time
Always hold the fear of every work
There are ups and downs in being a journalist. Even so, journalists still chase the news and broadcast the news to everyone. Search for the truth and broadcast it to all parents.

Learn from schools and colleges

Becoming a reliable journalist may not be able to do it right away. Because there are so many processes and twists and turns in work. If you still want to try then follow school activities. Schools can also provide education on how to become journalists and what the process is like. Usually, this stage can be found at campus events as well.

It’s not as good as other journalists outside, but the school and campus try to give the best guidance in becoming a journalist, even though they are still amateurs. When genuine journalists will cover news – outside news that is full of unexpected events. Then in the school and campus area, news about schools and campuses will be covered. The news they get will be included in the school magazine or campus magazine.