Profesi dalam Bidang Seni

Profesi dalam Bidang Seni

Memiliki kelebihan menjadi seorang seniman tentu saja adalah suatu berkat. Tetapi anda yang bercita cita menjadi seorang seniman bisa mempelajari berbagai teknik agar sukses. Seni bisa di kembangkan melalui praktek terus menerus dan mempelajari berbagai perkembangan yang ada. Tidak sedikit orang yang mempelajari seni meski tidak memiliki bakat. Apabila anda yang memiliki kelebihan bidang seni maka anda harus mencoba profesi yang ada di bawah ini. 


Brandnite – Seorang designer memiliki kelebihan dalam peran lukis. Jika memiliki imajinasi tinggi maka ada banyak gaya lukisan yang bisa di kembangkan. Beberapa designer yang bisa anda lakukan ialah menjadi designer fashion. Bukan hanya sekedar masalah busana saja yang akan di gunakan tetapi dari segi bahan puun harus di perhitungkan. 

  1. Penari

Menjadi seorang penari tentu saja termasuk dalam sebuah seni tari. Memiliki kemampuan menari yang keren tentu saja akan membuat anda menjadi penari profesional. Dan seorang penari bukan hanya sekedar menari saja tetapi bisa memberikan inti atau maksud dari hasil tariannya. 


Seorang seniman ialah orang kreatif dan pastinya memang memiliki keahlian dalam membuat seni. Yang di sebut Seorang seniman ialah lukisan, patung, film atau bahan musik.  Ada banyak jenis seniman semuanya tergantung kepada anda yang ingin menjadi seniman seperti apa.

mengembangkan bakat//pelukis
  1. Aktor / actress

Menjadi seorang aktor atau aktris tentu saja termasuk bekerja dalam bidang seni. Tidak mudah menjadi seorang aktor atau aktris untuk itu kenapa ada sekolah sandiwara atau sanggar yang nantinya di jadikan tempat belajar untuk memainkan peran. 

  1. Perias

Menjadi seorang penata make up tentu saja tidak mudah sekali untuk bagi pemula atau orang yang tidak mengerti teknik. Yang menjadi seorang perias bukan hanya mengerti teknik saja tetapi anda harus terus mempelajari trend trend. 

Tourism Profession

Tourism Profession

Being a worker in the tourism sector, of course, can be done according to existing regulations. There are several tasks that can be done in the tourism sector. A worker in tourism must have a lot of insight that must be explored in order to become more professional. Tourism Profession

Ticket seller

People who sell tickets, of course, have been given a price set by the company or government. With a ticket, visitors will be free to enter and exit at the specified location. Brandnite

Rent Lodging

Tourist attractions that provide lodging are, of course, places that travelers really need. Of course, those who do tours are not only local residents but there are residents from abroad or residents outside the island. Renting a place to stay does not have to be in the form of a hotel, but can be a villa or a site that is suitable for use.

experience in the world of travel//holiday
  1. Tour guide
    tour guide is another name for a tour guide. The tour guide’s task is to provide tourists with information about the locations visited. Of course, there must be expert language and pronunciation skills in order to make the tour guide more professional. And it would be better to have broad insight that will make a guide have many jobs.

Banking Profession

Banking Profession

Discussing the professionals in banking, courses, many people do not know. Of course, banking is closed, only insiders know what kind of work is needed by the bank. The bank is a very large company where the bank will serve a lot of customers. The following are professions in banking


A teller is someone who manages incoming and outgoing money directly from the customer. Teller transactions with customers are of course direct, the teller’s job may seem easy but very often people make mistakes because they trust tellers to cause misunderstandings. Brandnite – Tellers are only humans who can make mistakes, so those of you who make transactions in and out must be double-checked so that you don’t feel cheated actually mistakes are not intentional. To become a teller, of course, there are many tests that must be carried out. The teller actually does not work alone in handling incoming and outgoing money but will be accompanied by the head teller.

Customer service

Customer service is in charge of serving customers who will print books, open accounts, close books and help with other problems such as blocked ATMs or others. Certainly being a customer service at a bank must have the right level of speed and accuracy so that mistakes don’t occur.

account officer

Account officers are often referred to as AO. The task of AO itself is to find customers who will do credit. After getting customers who will credit, of course, an AO will manage customer credit. Certainly, not all customers can apply for credit, because an evaluation of the feasibility of the loan must be carried out, and later a business plan will be given in the cost process.

meet customers//employee

Funding Officer

A funding officer is a professional that works in the field of corporate financing for individuals and groups. The intended work is to carry out strategies for fundraising or identify which areas need funding. That way FO work must be done consistently in the administration of income and expenses.


The auditor’s job is the job most people fear. Because the job of the audits is to check all the provisions that should work with the existing rules. The results of the inspection that has been carried out will be shown to the directors.

sales officer

The sales officer has the duty to offer many products from the bank. Of course, the bank has many products that customers might be able to take, such as deposits, savings, current accounts, or credit cards. Of course, to become a sales officer, you must have the desired qualifications, such as understanding marketing and liking challenges.

The difference between an Advocate and a Lawyer

The difference between an Advocate and a Lawyer

Advocates and attorneys have the same function, but their placement is different. But not a few people always think the two are the same. All the duties of advocates and advocates already exist in statutory regulations. So that the general public can find out what the contents of the duties of advocates and lawyers are.

The advocate has obtained a permit from the Legal Services Court. Regarding the trial area, of course, it can be carried out throughout Indonesia. However, the Lawyers themselves hold a license to practice in an area determined by the local court. If a lawyer is going to carry out a legal action in a different place, then he must obtain permission from the court where he will practice / practice.

Stages of Becoming a Lawyer / Advocate

Brandnite – To become a lawyer or advocate, you can do the work according to your duties, but you must obey every step of the way. Each of these stages teaches you to be patient and able to prove if you can be the best advocate or lawyer. However, every task of an advocate or lawyer must also comply with the laws that apply to tasks that must be carried out, such as helping people of low economic level to be free.
The minimum age requirement is 25 years
Graduated with Bachelor of Law (S1)
Follow PKPA (Special Education for Advocate Profession)
Internship 2 years
Taking the Advocate Oath according to Law No. 18 of 2003 article 4 paragraphs 1-4.
Participate in Advocate Organizations
Working at a Law Firm to become a Junior Lawyer.
Opening Your Own Practice

stages of becoming an advocate and attorney//follow the law

If all the stages have been passed correctly and properly, then you will not think that you will get the opportunity to get the highest payout. By having a lot of experience, the opportunity to become a successful person in the legal world will not just be a dream.



Majoring in Animal Husbandry is not uncommon. Because with the Animal Husbandry major you can understand how to maintain, develop, manage and market it. Of course, students don’t just raise livestock or manage livestock. But asked to develop livestock technology and be able to market it. Farm

You don’t need to be confused about choosing a livestock department because there are many faculties that have these majors. Of course, being a livestock graduate is not just an ordinary graduate, but the best results from each student will be answered.

Animal Science

Many people are still confused when learning about animal husbandry, and what exactly is being discussed. Of course, it’s not discussing how to herd livestock, but there are other sciences that are learned. In the animal husbandry major you will study physics, mathematics, biology, management, economics, and chemistry. Brandnite

In the livestock department, you will learn how to maintain it to produce quality products. Of course, there will be lessons on nutrition and fodder. By knowing what types of food are allowed or not so that they can provide proper nutrition. Good livestock nutrition for poultry or other livestock is very much needed.

develop livestock//researching

Then the method for managing livestock products so that they can be sold and have other benefits will still be applied. Because good livestock can produce milk, ice cream, cheese, and yogurt. Of course, how to manage materials as well as food safety and sanitation of livestock products will be studied. Since all livestock processes have been studied, it’s no wonder why someone should be able to do marketing for the products being developed.

Job Prospects

Because you are provided with a lot of knowledge in courses, those of you who have graduated from the animal husbandry department has lots of job opportunities. The choices of work that can be done are teaching, livestock extension, quality controlling, livestock management, biotechnology expert, and livestock research. If you have excess funds, you can create an entrepreneur. Establishing skills and insights will make it easier for you to achieve the job you want.



Something that is utilized in agricultural products is the agroindustry. The results that are utilized can be from raw materials, equipment, and services. Indonesia, which is rich in main ingredients from agriculture, has several obstacles that make it difficult to manage. Of course, the product to be managed has material commodities of up to 80%, but the ability to manage them is minimal.

If this type of agriculture is run properly, the product produced will produce a high economy. Examples of agricultural products that produce high value are cocoa powder, coffee, tea products, or powders such as turmeric and so on.

The agroindustry learns about the agricultural industry with research results. For this reason, research is always carried out to develop knowledge. Usually, people will imagine a rice field when discussing agriculture. But actually, there are so many agricultural products that are intended not only that. Studying agricultural science serves to manage basic products of good quality. Brandnite

Business Opportunities or Prospects

An agroindustrial graduate or what is commonly called an agricultural engineer can have job opportunities anywhere. Of course, there has been provision given since choosing an agricultural major and more or less you can also understand and broaden your horizons about the agricultural sector. There are many opportunities if you really understand Argoindustry itself after graduating from college, among them


Being a lecturer is not a bad thing especially if you are a teacher at a university. With various provisions from your previous teacher, you can follow the way of teaching or you yourself can become the best and different version of your teacher.

become a developer and researcher//agriculture

There are fewer and fewer people who will become researchers in agriculture. Surely people who become researchers do not have easy jobs, but there are many advantages that many people don’t have.

Knowing the ins and outs of agriculture, of course, you can overcome problems if you become an entrepreneur. Apart from the ins and outs, you can also find out which ones will be taken into consideration in making decisions.

In a company, there must be a manager who will solve a problem. The salary that a manager will get is not a certain salary.

civil servant
Civil Servants will certainly continue to take turns in conducting interviews in recruiting new workers. Usually, in the agricultural branch, there are rarely those who register, so you have many possibilities if you want to become a civil servant in agriculture.

Sports Profession

Sports Profession

If you like sports and understand any techniques about sports, of course, there is a profession that you can run. Working in sports is not easy, but those of you who have a talent for sports, of course, can do it well. The following are the professions in the field of sports


racers are of course included in sports such as Formula 1 or Motor Grand Prix and others. Winning in a round of races will make you a famous person and have the pay you deserve. Only people who have the courage and ability to become victorious can win. You have to try and fight a lot to get the best skills.


Becoming a sports trainer is not just a theory that is easy to do one must be able to do it in practice. Broad insights are very influential in providing ways to practice for students. If a student who has progressed in the field being taught is inseparable from a coach.

Bodybuilding Brandnite

Usually, most bodybuilders are men and therefore are called bodybuilders. But there is also a woman who is able to become a bodybuilder. Don’t be surprised if a bodybuilder has a well-built body. Because the sport is focused on the formation of the body that makes the muscles work optimally. But to make muscle mass denser have a regular diet


Choose a job based on ability//sport type

People who have balance and are able to swim can become surfers. Doing surfing activities can be a hobby if it is professional. It’s not easy to be a surfer because there is adrenaline to be pumped to be able to stand upright on the water.
Referees are not only aimed at the field of football. But some sports do require referees such as basketball, volleyball, and others. As a referee, of course, you can’t side with anyone, that’s why you need a referee to be fairer.

Some of the sports that you can choose above will make you a professional person. Make sure in advance what and how you will carry out the tasks of the things mentioned.

Profesi bidang Keuangan atau ekonomi

Profesi bidang Keuangan atau ekonomi

Anda yang menjadi lulusan jurusan ekonomi tentu saja memiliki banyak sekali peluang kerja. Peluang kerja bisa anda peroleh apabila nilai ekonomi yang anda miliki sangat baik apalagi cara kerja yang anda ikuti membaik. Berikut ini adalah profesi bidang keuangan

Analisa Keuangan

Menjadi analisis keuangan tentu saja tidak bisa sembarangan dilakukan. Sebab salah menganalisis tidak akan mengetahui asal dari penyebab penurunan maupun kenaikan laba. Setelah semua yang di analisa berhasil maka akan di bentuk dalam laporan. Tentu saja laporan tersebut akan di lihat oleh pimpinan perusahaan. Brandnite

  1. Akuntan

Seorang akuntan ialah seseorang yang mampu menghitung, membuat laporan keuangan secara detail. Untuk menjadi seorang akuntan tentu ada sekolah yang harus di tempuh. Semua laporan yang telah di susun harus di awasi dan di kelola dengan baik agar perusahaan bisa berjalan dengan sempurna. Semua uang keluar masuknya nanti akan di catat oleh akuntan agar biaya selalu tepat.

mengelola keuangan//menghitung
  1. Konsultan keuangan

Menjadi konsultan Keuangan  nantinya dapat membantu mengelola keuangan tentang perpajakan, utang piutang, investasi maupun asuransi. Seorang konsultan nantinya akan memberikan solusi terbaik bagi klien agar dana bisa di alokasikan dengan benar. 

  1. Konsultan Pajak

Konsultan pajak bukan hanya akan membantu sebuah perusahaan tetapi seseorang yang membutuhkan jasanya. Tugas yang di lakukan konsultan pajak ialah membantu perihal pembayaran pajak. Dari tugas tersebut tentu saja seseorang yang awam akan mudah sekali menjalankan kewajiban pajak dengan baik. 

Analisis Kredit

Seseorang yang akan melakukan kredit kepada bank nantinya akan di analisa terlebih dahulu. Analisa pemohon yang layak atau tidak nanti akan di lakukan oleh analisa kredit. Semua hal yang berkaitan tentang data data, informasi tabungan maupunmetode pembayaran harus di pelajari dengan baik. jika semua data dan waktu pembayaran tidak ada catatan permasalahan tentu saja akan diperbolehkan mengajukan pinjaman. 

Seorang yang melakukan pekerjaan bidang keuangan harus benar benar teliti dan bekerja dengan baik agar tidak terjadi kekacauan. anda yang melakukan kekacauan terhadap pekerjaan tentu saja anda tidak akan berhasil untuk menggapai hasil yang lebih. 

Profesi  Bidang Transportasi

Profesi  Bidang Transportasi

Ada banyak profesi pada bidang transportasi sehingga anda tidak perlu bingung untuk memilih profesi seperti apa yang di inginkan. Karena ada banyaknya transportasi di dunia maka para konsumen berhak memilih jenis transportasi mana yang akan dilakukan. Transportasi memang sangat dibutuhkan sekali sebab tidak semua orang hanya menggunakan 1 transportasi saja. Berikut ini adalah beberapa pekerjaan pada bidang transportasi

  1. Supir

Menjadi supir harus memiliki lisensi khusus seperti Surat Izin Mengemudi (SIM). yang di maksud supir bukan hanya untuk mobil pribadi tetapi supir truk, bus, bahkan supir taksi.  Pastikan menjadi supir anda mempertimbangkan keselamatan penumpang dan pribadi. Brandnite

  1. Masini’s

Masinis ialah seorang supir kereta api. Tugas masinis bukan hanya sekedar membawa kereta api saja tetapi memeriksa mesin, memastikan rute perjalan agar lebih aman di sepanjang perjalanan. 

mengantar sampai selamat//supir
  1. Kondektur
    seorang kondektur memiliki tugas memastikan penumpang yang keluar masuk. Kondektur biasa ada pada bus maupun kereta api. Kondektur pun berkewajiban memberikan pelayanan terbaik bagi penumpangnya. 
  2. Kernet
    kernet adalah seorang pembantu sopir. Tugas kernet ialah mengambil uang kepada penumpang dan bahkan memberikan ruang kepada penumpang apabila ada tempat kosong untuk dinaiki. 
  3. Tukang Ojek
    Tukang ojek sangat di butuhkan sekali oleh banyak orang, tetapi tidak semua tempat menyediakan fasilitas ojek. Tukang ojek biasanya identik dengan motor. Saat ini bukan hanya ojek pangkalan saja yang ada di jalan tetapi saat ini sudah ada tukang ojek online. 

Professional Haircutters and Stylists

Professional Haircutters and Stylists

A barber and hairdresser don’t have to go to high school to get this job. Because to become a hairdresser you can take courses. It’s quite difficult if you don’t do this work from the heart. Because being a hairdresser or a cutter besides having the pleasure of work, you have to be patient.

Where do you work as a hairdresser and stylist?

People who work as hairdressers and cutters can have both the same and differences. Because the skills that are carried out are not all needed in 1 job. Many people are still confused if they become a hairdresser and cutter, will they get a good job? Of course, those of you who are barbers and hairdressers can get much better jobs than you can imagine. Brandnite
A hairdresser can work with artists, open a salon or join as a professional salon worker. A professional hairdresser will of course give the best results when going to do the test. Sometimes even a professional does not necessarily know people so there are still people who doubt it. But it doesn’t matter because work is from the heart and you like it, so you will definitely get a job anywhere easily.

develop talent//styling hair

Indeed, a hairdresser and hairdresser can really do the job if he has a lot of tools. Because the tools are complete, that’s why it’s easier for a hairdresser and cutter to get a job. If the capital issued by a hairdresser and cutter is calculated, it may be so much, but with expertise, of course, by practicing it, you will get the capital back.
Equipment that is owned at least curly tool, vise, comb, hair spray, scissors, clipper, razor, foam, bobby pins, and others. As a professional barber and the best hairstylist, you can’t underestimate if the results are not proven.