Requirements to Become a Flight Attendant

Requirements to Become a Flight Attendant

Flight attendants are a woman professionals in airplanes and sea staff. Of course, the flight attendant’s job is to serve passengers. A flight attendant, of course, does not only work in a team but works individually. Before heading to the flight attendant requirements, you must first know what their duties are


understand the duties of a flight attendant//friendly

before carrying out their duties flight attendants must attend a briefing. What is discussed is the route, conditions, or weather at that time. Not only that, it turns out that food preparation or anything for high-class guests must be considered. Don’t miss the first task because it will make it easier for you to do the next activity. Brandnite

  1. Check Tickets
    a ticket on an airplane is called a boarding pass. Of course, a flight attendant must match the ticket with the KTP that will board the plane.
  2. Controlling
    a flight attendant must control doors, security devices, and anything so that all passengers arrive safely at their destination. Checking all the tools that will be needed, of course, cannot be missed until they don’t exist.
  3. Instructions
    Another important task is giving instructions. Giving instructions to all passengers needs to be done even if a flight attendant is bored with what he is doing. Not only giving instructions during the initial trip but when bad weather occurs you can do well.
  4. Helping Pilots and Co-Pilots
    Of course, a pilot or co-pilot needs help because there really has to be teamwork if this needs to be done. During long trips, flight attendants must be ready to serve pilots to their destinations, even if they have a long period of time.

The number of judges is always odd

The number of judges is always odd

The number of judges, which is always an odd number, always creates curiosity. As you know, a judge is a person who will give justice and try the wrong people. Examine all cases in detail and observe any available evidence. Even so, many people are still curious about the odd number of judges.

If you are a legal expert, you will certainly easily understand why judges in court are always odd. Based on the law, the panel of judges must be odd. The minimum number of judges is three or more. This is done so that when making a decision there is no stalemate.


Brandnite – From the chief judge, and two members of the other judges. Did you know that judges can’t make their own decisions? They must make comparisons and deliberations. In deliberation, the judge did everything in a closed room. Give conclusions and opinions while the trial is still ongoing.

Only the judges who follow all court deliberations know everything so that it doesn’t leak. Making the decision to punish someone is not easy. Sometimes the judges often also experience a stalemate. Couldn’t find an opinion. It must be forced to vote ballots.

The number of judges used

many assemblies use odd numbers//make decisions

Whose votes are the most then the decision is taken. Did you know that every trial held in court always presents a different number of judges? Surely you are curious about how many judges are always present:
At trial, the supreme court sends three people as judges
Of the three people, two became members and one became chairman of the trial decision.
The judges of the constitutional court prepared nine judges for the session
In cases where there are unexpected problems that cannot be handled, the constitutional court judges will only present seven judges.
As for the problem of children, only one judge is needed
A court hearing cases concerning a child that may be related to the law.
A human rights case would require five judges
Of the five people who became judges only two people were. while the other three judges became ad hoc judges. An ad hoc judge is someone who has special abilities in researching, examining, and others.

How to Become a Reliable Tutor

How to Become a Reliable Tutor

A reliable tutor is a tutor who has a relaxed but firm attitude. Teachers always think of their students as their peers but in a learning forum. You as a teacher don’t need to be too old-fashioned so that students understand.

  1. Relaxed Demeanor
    make sure you invite students to chat casually. Let’s just say that the student is the same age as you. If you become a tutor, you don’t have to be a teacher to be afraid. But be a teacher who is loved and does have a different and smart perspective. Brandnite
  2. Question and Answer Session
    Give free time to students so they can ask questions to the teacher. The more question sessions, the easier it will be for children to understand. A question session will later make it easy for students to find answers to all the lessons they don’t understand.
    in tutoring of course children need hours of rest. Even if it’s only for a short time, rest time is certainly very much needed. The function of rest hours is to restore freshness to the brain. If more and more lessons are received without rest then there is no effectiveness.
    As a student, you monitor students with all existing developments. The more students are smarter in dealing with their subjects, the easier it will be for students to level up.
  3. Lesson schedule
    make sure you have a fixed schedule of lessons. Apart from the lesson schedule, you have to make sure that students have correctly memorized and understood the lessons you are giving. If students feel they are still having difficulties and don’t understand properly, they need to repeat it both in the tutoring area and at home.
Ask easy-to-understand questions//explain material

Hukuman untuk hakim yang melanggar kode etik

Hukuman untuk hakim yang melanggar kode etik

Hukuman untuk hakim yang melanggar kode etik bisa mendapatkan hukuman yang berat. Banyak orang berpikir kalau hakim tidak bisa dihukum walaupun salah. Ternyata hal tersebut justru bisa membuat mereka kehilangan pekerjaannya. Sebuah pelanggaran yang bisa merugikan banyak pihak dan mendapatkan hukuman dari ketua hakim.

Hampir seluruh hakim akan mendapatkan sangsi bila melanggar semua kode etik yang telah mereka pegang. Semua sangsi dan hukuman akan berlaku untuk semua hakim dari hakim MA, dan badan peradilan. Badan peradilan sendiri tidak sedikit jumlah orangnya sangatlah banyak seperti : agama, militer, tata usaha negara, umum, pajak, dan hakim ad hoc.

Ada tiga jenis hukuman yang akan di dapatkan oleh hakim yaitu:

  • Hukuman ringan
  • Sedang
  • Dan berat

Brandnite – Dalam memberi hukuman para ketua hakim juga akan mempertimbangkan dari latar belakang, system kerja dan jenis pelanggaran apa yang di langar. Tahukah kalian kalau setiap hukuman yang di dapat yang palingan adalah sangsi ringan. Sebuah hukuman yang mengharuskan kalian membuat laporan tertulis, atau membuat surat pernyataan tidak puas.

Berbeda dengan yang hukuman sedang. Bisa membuat kalian tidak mendapatkan gaji cukup lama. Hukuman yang di dapat untuk yang sedang yaitu: tidak mendapatkan gaji selama setahun, gaji dikurangi, Tidak naik pangkat selama setahun, tidak mendapatkan tugas, di pindahkan dan masih banyak lagi.

tidak mendapatkan gaji cukup lama//hakim

Sangsi berat

Lalu untuk hukuman yang paling berat untuk hakim yaitu: di bebaskan masa jabatan, tidak mendapatkan tugas cukup lama, pangkat hakim diturunkan ke tingkat yang rendah, di berhentikan tidak terhormat dan langsung dan masih banyak lagi. Meski demikian hakim yang dihentikan tetap dan melakukan pembelaan akan di kenakan pemberhentian kerja sementara.

Tak luput dengan beberapa hakim lainnya seperti :

  • Militer akan mendapatkan hukuman berdasarkan aturan TNI
  • Hakim ad hoc mendapakan hukuman menulis surat teguran, tidak bertugas, di berhentikan dengan tidak hormat dan lainnya.

Cara Menjadi Agen Tiket Pesawat Terbang

Cara Menjadi Agen Tiket Pesawat Terbang

Mencari penghasilan ada saja langkahnya anda yang ingin memiliki penghasilan harus terus mencari cara agar bisa menjual produk dengan baik. Menjadi agen tiket pesawat terbang bukan hal yang buruk. Pasalnya sudah ada banyak orang yang melakukan perjalanan ke luar negeri untuk urusan bisnis maupun urusan pribadi. Cara menjadi agen tiket pesawat terbang tentu harus memenuhi syarat

Untuk anda yang ingin menjadi seorang agen tentu pastikan anda memilih cara yang benar karena adanya langkah baik maka akan membuat tujuan anda menjadi lebih baik. Berikut ini cara untuk menjadi agen tiket pesawat terbang

Kerjasama Dengan Maskapai

Brandnite – Untuk mendapatkan harga terbaik apapun ialah bekerjasama secara langsung dengan pusatnya. Untuk itu anda yang ingin menjadi agen dari maskapai penerbangan harus bisa melakukan kerjasama. Memang tidak bisa semua maskapai akan melakukan kerjasama tetapi anda yang sudah mencoba untuk melakukan kerjasama maka anda bisa memperoleh kepercayaan.

Agar anda di percaya oleh pihak maskapai pastikan anda sudah memiliki PT atau CV, sebab memiliki badan hukum akan lebih di percaya dan pastikan modalnya pun anda harus miliki. Dengan memiliki semua ciri tersebut maka anda bisa dengan mudah bekerja sama dengan maskapai penerbangan.

Bermitra dengan agen

menjalin kerjasama lewat online//menyiapkan tiket penerbangan

Cara lain untuk menjadi agen ialah anda bermitra dengan sebuah perusahaan yang sudah bekerja sama dengan pihak maskapai. Pastinya anda yang akan menjadi mitra harus melakukan pendaftaran agar bisa menjadi agen ke 2. cara kedua ini pun bisa di lakukan dengan bermitra secara online. Jadi mendaftarkan diri melalui internet agar bisa menjual tiket dengan mudah. Ada banyak sekali situs online yang menyediakan jenis tiket pesawat.

Anda jadi mudah bisa membeli rute perjalanan yang kalian inginkan tanpa harus mengantri cukup lama,

Kode Etik hakim

Kode Etik hakim

Kode etik hakim menjadi hal utama. Hakim adalah seseorang yang akan memberi sebuah keputusan berdasarkan para saksi dan bukti – bukti yang ada. Untuk menjalani tugas sebagai hakim tentu harus menerapkan kode etik. Sebuah kode yang bisa membuat hakim menjalankan tugas dan memberi keadilan bagi semua orang.

Dengan adanya tanda kode etik membuat sang hakim bisa memberi contoh kepada semua masyarakat. Bukan hanya asal menghukum saja. Hakim harus menyelidiki sebuah kasus dengan teliti. Mengamati setiap pergerakan dan mengecek semua bukti dan saksi yang ada. Dengan menerapkan semuanya maka hakim bisa dengan mudah menyelesaikan semua masalah yang ada di sidang pengadilan.


Tidak heran kalau hakim memiliki sikap yang kuat dan adil. Sebuah lambang yang tidak bisa mengoyahkan seseorang. Para hakim pun juga harus mempunyai sikap yang kuat seperti bunyi di burung garuda kalau hakim mempunyai prinsip seperti bunyi Pancasila yang pertama. Memberikan semua saksi dan terdakwa kesempatan mengemukakan pendapat kepada hakim. Brandnite

Bisa di katakan untuk menjadi hakim tidaklah mudah. Harus mulai menganalisis semua permasalahan sidang dan mengambil sebuah keputusan. Di setiap sidang pengadilan ternyata bukan hanya satu hakim. Setiap perkara tentu mempunyai tangal dan jam yang sama saat menjalankan sidang.

Tidak bisa digantikan kecuali

mengambil keputusan atas nama tuhan//membuat keputusan

Hakim sendiri tidak mungkin membagi dirinya untuk mengatasi semua persidangan. Maka di butuhkan beberapa hakim yang siap memberi sangsi kepada terdakwa. Hakim bisa di lakukan oleh orang – orang yang berkecimpung di dunia sidang. Setiap keputusan di ambil bukan hanya asal saja. mereka menerapkan semua keputusan berdasarkan ketuhanan yang maha Esa.

Setiap kasus yang ditangani oleh hakim tidak bisa di gantikan oleh siapa pun kecuali kalau hakim tersebut meninggal dunia atau sedang sakit. Dengan kondisi yang tidak fit tersebut baru bisa menggunakan hakim baru.

Hal ini membuat orang lain yang berpikir kalau tuhan ikut mengawasi jalannya pengadilan. Tahukah kalian kata – kata tersebut menandakan kalau setiap keputusan yang di ambil hakim di awasi dan berharap tidak ada kesalahan dalam membuat keputusan. 

The difference between a tour guide and a tour leader

The difference between a tour guide and a tour leader

There are some people who like to spend time alone. There are also those who travel and go around seeing beautiful scenery which is also an exciting hobby. But who would have thought that a hobby could also be a profitable type of work for us? Tour guides and tour leaders are types of work that support tourism. Many think that tour guides and tour leaders are the same. But they don’t know that there is actually a difference between a tour guide and a tour leader.

What distinguishes it is in terms of activities and also the ability to communicate. There is also a different understanding in terms of tour guides and tour leaders. Want to be able to be like those who guide many people and explain various exciting and fun tourist spots, you can join a tour guide and tour leader.

Let’s start to get to know what a tour guide and tour leader are.

Tour guides are often known as tour guides. If we are on vacation at a tourist spot, we will meet several guides who explain the tourist attractions we are visiting. Give explanations such as information, history, and several types of performances that are often held at tourist attractions. Brandnite

You can find a tour guide through ticket payment points at tourist spots that usually have a story or history. But looking for a tour guide that is reliable and works professionally, you can get it from several tourist attractions that have guides who are already reliable and professional.

To become a certified guide you have to pass a lot of special training from the ministry of tourism. A guide that is liked and trusted must be able to provide clear explanations regarding the tourist attractions visited.

tour leader

Tour leaders are tour guides who make more plans and always carry the name of the tour when guiding tourists and tourists. The schedule has been arranged neatly and cannot be late. Because the schedule plan is usually discussed by several parties who work closely with the tour leader.

different activities are held//tourist explanation

Not just one or several people join the tour leader. They bring a lot of visitors such as visiting groups or several groups who are enjoying holidays at tourist attractions. Being a leader in the journey determines the places and regions you want to visit.


From this explanation, it can be explained that tour guides and tour leaders are very different. Even though they both guide the tours, they are different in the way they work and the responsibilities they hold. These differences start from:
Tour guide

  • Just a few people can guide you.
  • Just one day driving
  • Certain tourist spots with guides and many more
    tour leader
  • Leading the crowd
  • Pay for the needs of tourists during the tour
  • Provide transportation
  • Invite around to many places
  • Using the flag symbol during the tour
  • Determine gathering points and much more

The different forms of responsibility make their work unique and exciting. If you really like to go around, it can be a step to becoming a tour guide or tour leader. Usually, we can find tour leaders in foreign places and also in Indonesia on a large scale who participate in many tours. As for tour guides, they can be at tourist attractions and also in one area.

What general managers do

What general managers do

Having the position of General Manager is certainly not an ordinary position. There is a big responsibility that you have to take. Being a general manager first is a bit difficult to adjust, but if done correctly it will make you wiser in your position. What general managers do

To become a general manager, there are many important duties and requirements that must be met. Being a general manager makes you have more activities than other employees. The following are the duties, powers, and conditions

General Manager Duties

Being a general manager doesn’t mean you are a boss who just hangs around. But as a general manager, you will also be given the task. It looks trivial, but if you get on the wrong track, your position will be removed. The General Manager’s duties are not just one type, but there are other tasks that you can understand, namely brandnite

  • Follow the statutory regulations
  • Checking purchases and bookkeeping
  • Supervise employees and oversee the workplace
  • Manage the workflow of the company and organize the activities to be held

General Manager’s Authority

Apart from the duties, there is the authority that can be carried out by the general manager in order to reach the right decision. The following is the authority of the general manager

have a lot of experience//meetings
  • Improving the quality of work
  • Evaluate performance and evaluate finances
  • Make some rules
  • Looking for clients and making clients want to cooperate.

Requirements to become a General Manager
People who see a general manager are always said to be great, but no one knows what the requirements are. Of course, as a general manager apart from being smart, there must be other criteria that must be possessed. Because having criteria will give the best thing. The following are the requirements of the general manager

  • Skilled in communicating
  • Proficient in computers
  • Innovative
  • Experienced
  • Certainly, a scholar who has been determined by a company.

Ability To become a Psychologist

Ability To become a Psychologist


A psychologist requires a lot of communication skills. Certainly, the level of communication invited is a good thing. The psychologist himself must know what he will say to the patient. Because the patients who come will certainly vary, so it is possible that he will listen to your words himself. All words that will be said to the patient must understand his condition, for that communication skills cannot be given haphazardly.


good stress management is the right thing. Everyone must have a problem but a psychologist himself must have the right way to overcome the problem. By knowing yourself, stress will gradually go well. Good stress management can later be taught to patients so that patients can become better people. Brandnite


what you need to know is that a psychologist must have a lot of knowledge. The more knowledge, the calmer people will confide in you. If you lack knowledge, the patient will feel useless when consulting with you.

Stages of Becoming a Psychologist

improve knowledge//analyze

The starting point for you to work as a psychologist is to become a bachelor’s degree. Those of you who are already a scholar will of course make more trusted. Because being a bachelor’s degree is not easy, there are various paths that must be passed so that students can become the best graduates. Undergraduate stages that will be carried out are S1 and S2.

Open practice license
If you really intend to become a psychologist, it would be better for you to open a practice. Make sure you take care of all the practices so that there are definite permits from the central government as well as permits from local residents.

Cara Mencari Dinas Pekerjaan di Luar Negeri Yang aman

Cara Mencari Dinas Pekerjaan di Luar Negeri Yang aman

Ingin bekerja ke luar negeri melalu penyalur tenaga kerja anda harus bisa pelajari terlebih dahulu. Tidak ada salahnya kita mengantisipasi kejadian yang menakutkan dari pada kita menghidari sebuah masalah yang telah terjadi. Biasanya orang yang sudah membutuhkan uang kadang lupa akan mencari aman. Namun ada juga orang yang benar benar belum mengetahui bahwa ada banyak modus penipuan yang sering terjadi saat akan bekerja di luar negeri. Cara Mencari Dinas Pekerjaan di Luar Negeri Yang aman bisa dengan melakukan beberapa langkah yang tepat.

Berikut ini adalah cara mencari kerja

  1. Legalitas

Brandnite – Bukan hanya sebagai pekerja saja yang komplit akan surat – suratnya tetapi para penyalur pun harus memiliki surat resmi. Anda yang akan bekerja di luar negeri tidak akan pernah tau bagaimana anda akan di perlakukan dan bagaimana pula anda bertahan hidup tanpa ada yang mengenal anda. Bukan hanya jeli saja dalam menghadapi situasi tetapi anda pun harus kritis dalam menghadapi semua masalah.

  1. Catatan Berangkat aman

Biasanya penyalur tenaga kerja ke luar negeri akan memiliki catatan berangkat yang aman dan tepat waktu. Yang memicu jam berangkat aman ialah surat – surat yang di miliki pekerja lengkap serta telah memiliki kantong tujuan para masing – masing pekerja.

melihat fasilitas yang tersediakan//mencari di internet
  1. Fasilitas lengkap

Yang memicu fasilitas lengkap para penyalur ialah memberikan bimbingan atau les terlebih dahulu agar bisa berangkat nantinya. Seseorang yang memiliki kemampuan bahasa tidak perlu di berikan bimbingan lebih, namun untuk para pemula pastinya harus belajar terlebih dahulu agar mereka bisa lebih aman sebelum berangkat.

Dengan beberapa langkah tersebu bisa membuat kalian menemukan agen yang aman dan bisa di percaya. Bila kalian masih kurang yakin bisa dengan menanyakan ke beberapa orang yang pernah bekerja sama dengan agen tersebut. Mengamati dan teliti dalam menentukan agen akan membuat kalian jadi mudah dan nyaman.