Flight Attendant Work System

Flight Attendant Work System

Flight attendants have a duty to serve all passengers who will return and continue their journey during the flight. Besides being beautiful, actually not only officers on duty in air public transportation, but on land and at sea also have the title of the flight attendant. However, until now many people still think that flight attendants are only limited to air public transportation services. Even though trains and ships have female attendants, including flight attendants. Flight Attendant Work System

Secrets of Becoming a Flight Attendant and Stewardess

  1. Being a flight attendant or flight attendant has a different career path than the color of the uniform.
    Working hours are erratic because every time you receive a call you must always be active. So those of you who are on the phone have only 2 hours to get to the office. Brandnite
  2. Become a Standby Reserve, so when you are ordered to fly, you must wear full clothing.
  3. Be prepared to lose your life when you are about to fly at any time.

Flight Attendant Working Hours

could become a backup flight attendant//pretty and tall

A flight attendant has set working hours but sometimes what gets annoying is being a backup on standby. Flight attendant flight time at least 3 times a week.

All working hours of flight attendants and pilots are regulated by the Ministry of Transportation in accordance with civil aviation security regulations. even though the flight attendants’ working hours are so hectic and erratic, they flight attendants certainly give a smile.

Requirements to Become a Flight Attendant

Requirements to Become a Flight Attendant

Flight attendants are a woman professionals in airplanes and sea staff. Of course, the flight attendant’s job is to serve passengers. A flight attendant, of course, does not only work in a team but works individually. Before heading to the flight attendant requirements, you must first know what their duties are


understand the duties of a flight attendant//friendly

before carrying out their duties flight attendants must attend a briefing. What is discussed is the route, conditions, or weather at that time. Not only that, it turns out that food preparation or anything for high-class guests must be considered. Don’t miss the first task because it will make it easier for you to do the next activity. Brandnite

  1. Check Tickets
    a ticket on an airplane is called a boarding pass. Of course, a flight attendant must match the ticket with the KTP that will board the plane.
  2. Controlling
    a flight attendant must control doors, security devices, and anything so that all passengers arrive safely at their destination. Checking all the tools that will be needed, of course, cannot be missed until they don’t exist.
  3. Instructions
    Another important task is giving instructions. Giving instructions to all passengers needs to be done even if a flight attendant is bored with what he is doing. Not only giving instructions during the initial trip but when bad weather occurs you can do well.
  4. Helping Pilots and Co-Pilots
    Of course, a pilot or co-pilot needs help because there really has to be teamwork if this needs to be done. During long trips, flight attendants must be ready to serve pilots to their destinations, even if they have a long period of time.

The number of judges is always odd

The number of judges is always odd

The number of judges, which is always an odd number, always creates curiosity. As you know, a judge is a person who will give justice and try the wrong people. Examine all cases in detail and observe any available evidence. Even so, many people are still curious about the odd number of judges.

If you are a legal expert, you will certainly easily understand why judges in court are always odd. Based on the law, the panel of judges must be odd. The minimum number of judges is three or more. This is done so that when making a decision there is no stalemate.


Brandnite – From the chief judge, and two members of the other judges. Did you know that judges can’t make their own decisions? They must make comparisons and deliberations. In deliberation, the judge did everything in a closed room. Give conclusions and opinions while the trial is still ongoing.

Only the judges who follow all court deliberations know everything so that it doesn’t leak. Making the decision to punish someone is not easy. Sometimes the judges often also experience a stalemate. Couldn’t find an opinion. It must be forced to vote ballots.

The number of judges used

many assemblies use odd numbers//make decisions

Whose votes are the most then the decision is taken. Did you know that every trial held in court always presents a different number of judges? Surely you are curious about how many judges are always present:
At trial, the supreme court sends three people as judges
Of the three people, two became members and one became chairman of the trial decision.
The judges of the constitutional court prepared nine judges for the session
In cases where there are unexpected problems that cannot be handled, the constitutional court judges will only present seven judges.
As for the problem of children, only one judge is needed
A court hearing cases concerning a child that may be related to the law.
A human rights case would require five judges
Of the five people who became judges only two people were. while the other three judges became ad hoc judges. An ad hoc judge is someone who has special abilities in researching, examining, and others.

How to Become a Reliable Tutor

How to Become a Reliable Tutor

A reliable tutor is a tutor who has a relaxed but firm attitude. Teachers always think of their students as their peers but in a learning forum. You as a teacher don’t need to be too old-fashioned so that students understand.

  1. Relaxed Demeanor
    make sure you invite students to chat casually. Let’s just say that the student is the same age as you. If you become a tutor, you don’t have to be a teacher to be afraid. But be a teacher who is loved and does have a different and smart perspective. Brandnite
  2. Question and Answer Session
    Give free time to students so they can ask questions to the teacher. The more question sessions, the easier it will be for children to understand. A question session will later make it easy for students to find answers to all the lessons they don’t understand.
    in tutoring of course children need hours of rest. Even if it’s only for a short time, rest time is certainly very much needed. The function of rest hours is to restore freshness to the brain. If more and more lessons are received without rest then there is no effectiveness.
    As a student, you monitor students with all existing developments. The more students are smarter in dealing with their subjects, the easier it will be for students to level up.
  3. Lesson schedule
    make sure you have a fixed schedule of lessons. Apart from the lesson schedule, you have to make sure that students have correctly memorized and understood the lessons you are giving. If students feel they are still having difficulties and don’t understand properly, they need to repeat it both in the tutoring area and at home.
Ask easy-to-understand questions//explain material

Hukuman untuk hakim yang melanggar kode etik

Hukuman untuk hakim yang melanggar kode etik

Hukuman untuk hakim yang melanggar kode etik bisa mendapatkan hukuman yang berat. Banyak orang berpikir kalau hakim tidak bisa dihukum walaupun salah. Ternyata hal tersebut justru bisa membuat mereka kehilangan pekerjaannya. Sebuah pelanggaran yang bisa merugikan banyak pihak dan mendapatkan hukuman dari ketua hakim.

Hampir seluruh hakim akan mendapatkan sangsi bila melanggar semua kode etik yang telah mereka pegang. Semua sangsi dan hukuman akan berlaku untuk semua hakim dari hakim MA, dan badan peradilan. Badan peradilan sendiri tidak sedikit jumlah orangnya sangatlah banyak seperti : agama, militer, tata usaha negara, umum, pajak, dan hakim ad hoc.

Ada tiga jenis hukuman yang akan di dapatkan oleh hakim yaitu:

  • Hukuman ringan
  • Sedang
  • Dan berat

Brandnite – Dalam memberi hukuman para ketua hakim juga akan mempertimbangkan dari latar belakang, system kerja dan jenis pelanggaran apa yang di langar. Tahukah kalian kalau setiap hukuman yang di dapat yang palingan adalah sangsi ringan. Sebuah hukuman yang mengharuskan kalian membuat laporan tertulis, atau membuat surat pernyataan tidak puas.

Berbeda dengan yang hukuman sedang. Bisa membuat kalian tidak mendapatkan gaji cukup lama. Hukuman yang di dapat untuk yang sedang yaitu: tidak mendapatkan gaji selama setahun, gaji dikurangi, Tidak naik pangkat selama setahun, tidak mendapatkan tugas, di pindahkan dan masih banyak lagi.

tidak mendapatkan gaji cukup lama//hakim

Sangsi berat

Lalu untuk hukuman yang paling berat untuk hakim yaitu: di bebaskan masa jabatan, tidak mendapatkan tugas cukup lama, pangkat hakim diturunkan ke tingkat yang rendah, di berhentikan tidak terhormat dan langsung dan masih banyak lagi. Meski demikian hakim yang dihentikan tetap dan melakukan pembelaan akan di kenakan pemberhentian kerja sementara.

Tak luput dengan beberapa hakim lainnya seperti :

  • Militer akan mendapatkan hukuman berdasarkan aturan TNI
  • Hakim ad hoc mendapakan hukuman menulis surat teguran, tidak bertugas, di berhentikan dengan tidak hormat dan lainnya.