How to Become a Pilot

How to Become a Pilot

Those of you who aspire to become a pilot can of course come true if you meet all the requirements. Almost all children want to be a pilot, but it’s not easy to become a pilot. It’s not just education that is needed to become a pilot, but those of you who dare to carry passengers on flights. Maybe those of you who have only seen pilots find it easy to fly planes. But there is a big responsibility that cannot be ignored.

The following are the stages of becoming a pilot

Special Education – Brandnite
After fulfilling the selection requirements, you can enter the education entry stage. The important requirement that you must pass is to have a minimum height of 160cm, not be color blind, and be in good health. But there are things you need to know, namely aPilot must be able to speak English well. The education that must be taken is 1 to 2 years depending on each school.


get a certificate//stages of becoming a pilot

to get a license you have to take official exams such as flight tests or written tests. If you are declared to have passed, there will be a flying certification or what is commonly called a flight diploma. If you have a pilot’s license, you can fly an airplane. But there is an airplane size that will be written later when it passes the test later.
Some stages of becoming a pilot cannot be changed if you want to make it happen. As aPilot, you must be mentally and physically prepared, because there are tasks that are carried out according to existing regulations.

Types of Teachers and Their Functions and Duties

Types of Teachers and Their Functions and Duties

The teacher is someone who will teach his students at school. There are a lot of teachers in their subjects. It is known that there are kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school teachers. Each school usually has several teachers who are able to concurrently from one class to another. Types of Teachers and Their Functions and Duties. But in the end, there are 3 types of teachers that will be found later namely

Counseling teacher

Brandnite – This Counseling Teacher is known as a BP, BK, or Guiding Teacher. If there are children who have problems, they will be taken care of by the supervising teacher. Usually, these BK teachers are at the junior and senior high school/vocational school levels. Children who have problems will be given the best solution so they can get grades and carry out their obligations as students.

Subject teachers

teach and give directions//teacher

Subject teachers are teachers who are only specialized in one subject. For this reason, sometimes the school has several subject teachers. 1 Subject or subject teachers can teach up to several classes at once.

Classroom teacher

A class teacher is a teacher who serves as a homeroom teacher. The task of the homeroom teacher is much bigger than the subject teacher. Because the duties, authorities, and responsibilities must be in accordance with existing provisions. So in essence, subject teachers want to serve as guardians of students.

The teacher’s job at school is to replace the parents of students when they are at school, for this reason, teachers are often called unsung heroes. And students should also respect and value teachers like their own parents. The teacher’s role is actually not much different from the role of parents, because it is the teacher who teaches us how to write, and how to count and provides other valuable and meaningful lessons. Teacher interaction with students also has a short time even though the teacher used changes.

Types and Duties of Engineers

Types and Duties of Engineers

It is known that there are many types of engineers. So those of you who are going to become engineers must understand what field you will choose. Because if you get it wrong you will definitely be disappointed. In contrast to people who already have a plan to major in engineering, it will be easy and will definitely not repeat from 0. But whatever it is, if you intend to, it’s definitely much better than just a hobby. Types and Duties of Engineers. Brandnite

The following types of engineers are

  • Civil Engineering
  • Electricity
  • Mining
  • Machine
  • Chemistry and many more kinds.
choose a major//career

Behind being an engineer whatever it is, there are several tasks namely

Creating New Things
If you are a mechanical or technology engineer then you have to invent new technology. Because the world will continue to change, therefore new innovations must be developed. If there is no development then humans themselves will have more deficiencies. For example the development of technology, drinking water, or medicines. From this example, if not addressed immediately, it will definitely be fatal.

Fostering cooperation with government agencies, universities, and the business world. This function is to develop science and technology in the engineering profession.

Develop Solutions

By developing a solution of course it will be beneficial. Developing natural resources or things that have good potential for the future is very important for human needs. If it is not continuously developed, it will return to being an ancient human.

An engineer in order to develop and create new things must have additional skills and if necessary continue to learn to be better. Far from the world of education that engineers must be able to add knowledge over time.

By paying attention to every detail, the engineer will be said to be successful and correct if it is suitable and there are no errors. Everything an engineer does is done logically, systematically, and calculated. Therefore, if there is a new innovation, it has usually been taken into account in detail.



Being a journalist may not be as easy as other jobs. Who should take the time to catch up on news and write news reports? Journalists are usually called journalists. Journalists have a fairly tough type of work. The journalist’s job is to find news, write, and compile news. Journalists are employed by many media such as newspapers, television, electronics, and many more.

An almost everyday journalist looks for a lot of news. They have to really – be on standby when getting new news. Journalists have erratic working hours. Every journalist’s work will be compiled and reported directly to his workplace. Journalists who have arranged for news writing will be immediately submitted to the media. News that has been neatly arranged will be broadcast directly through the news, newspapers, radio, television, and others. Brandnite

Have the same type of work

In getting the news the journalists will write the news based on the objective. Don’t just report news and don’t care about personal feelings. Many think that journalists and journalists are different. But without you realizing that their work is the same. Both write news reports, compile news and take photos in covering news.

catch up on news//foreign news anchor

The activities carried out are the same, there is no difference. After making arrangements and having been checked by the recipient, the news obtained from journalists can be broadcast directly on various types of media. Journalists also have this type of freelance work or are called freelance journalists. Every company occasionally employs freelance journalists.

Positive and negative sides

Although relatively cheap, freelance journalists are also tiring work. They also search for news quickly without any time constraints. When you hear the word journalist, of course, some friends also aspire to be journalists too, right? The work of journalists is mostly always outside the office. Time spent catching up on news without having to worry about the weather.

But working as a journalist also has fun, such as:

can go places
Get to know many cultures
Met lots of different people
Can enjoy the beautiful scenery in every place
Get good views
Met a lot of idols
What he dislikes most about being a journalist is:
Must experience changes in weather such as heat and rain
Cramped with other journalists
Reduced rest time
Unable to gather with family
Often come home late
Do not have time
Always hold the fear of every work
There are ups and downs in being a journalist. Even so, journalists still chase the news and broadcast the news to everyone. Search for the truth and broadcast it to all parents.

Learn from schools and colleges

Becoming a reliable journalist may not be able to do it right away. Because there are so many processes and twists and turns in work. If you still want to try then follow school activities. Schools can also provide education on how to become journalists and what the process is like. Usually, this stage can be found at campus events as well.

It’s not as good as other journalists outside, but the school and campus try to give the best guidance in becoming a journalist, even though they are still amateurs. When genuine journalists will cover news – outside news that is full of unexpected events. Then in the school and campus area, news about schools and campuses will be covered. The news they get will be included in the school magazine or campus magazine.

Civil Engineering Engineer

Civil Engineering Engineer

To become a Civil Engineering Engineer you must know what the goal is. Because being a civil engineer you are not only designing, innovating, and building development but also maintaining human life. Being a civil engineer the movement is about human life.

Types of Civil Engineering

Civil engineering consists of several types, namely: Brandnite

Structural type studies the material problems that will be used in development. The shape of the building itself is of many kinds, such as steel, concrete, glass, or wood. If a civil engineer must be able to choose which material is suitable when it will be built later. So a structural will explore development activities to the roots. Usually, the buildings studied are bridges, roads, tunnels, or buildings that start from the foundation until all the buildings have been completed.


know the construction structure//research

The type of geotechnical is to study the type of soil or rock that is already standing on a building. Geotechnical here is the study of something that is below the ground surface. In other words, geotechnical experts will determine whether the land in an area will be safe or good if you want to build a building.

Construction Management

Construction management is a matter that will be related to the legal or licensing process so that the building process can be completed on time. It is not only a matter of the economy (cost) of development but also of the schedule and the return of capital is the task of construction management.


The study of irrigation is related to flood weather, river water discharge, rainfall, and others. But the science that studies water pressure, water thrust, or material properties of water is called hydraulics.

Environmental Engineering

Learn about environmental issues such as infrastructure and facilities. Management of clean water, dirty water, and waste is the task of environmental engineering.


Studying systems in transportation and construction related to transportation. The fields in question are terminals, stations, airports, and roads.

Inform Civil Engineering

This type includes new things which will be applied to computers. What will be explored is the movement of groundwater, the environment, and building structures.



The agribusiness department is a major that studies agriculture and business practices. Modern agricultural management will develop into the food industry that why there is a business in it. The Department of Agribusiness can also be said to be a socio-economic department of agriculture. In this case, of course, the agribusiness department will examine human efforts in developing natural resources so that they are more useful in meeting needs. And of course, trying to be more profitable. Students who successfully take up to 4 years of study will get a Bachelor of Agriculture, which is usually shortened to (S.P.) but those of you who choose Agricultural Socioeconomics will have a degree in Agribusiness. When choosing a major, it is better to understand what and how the majors are chosen.

Advantages of choosing an agricultural science major

  1. It is easy to get a job because a bachelor in agriculture can help the government to control the problem of any crops or agricultural products. Many positions are needed by the Ministry of Agriculture for agricultural graduates such as Widyaiswara, plant seed supervision, and others. Brandnite
  2. Can be an entrepreneur of agricultural commodities.
  3. Understand how to manage agricultural land to be modern.
  4. Can create new varieties
  5. Handling post-harvest commodities, able to understand marketing and agricultural products.

Job Prospects

There are many opportunities if you are already a graduate of agricultural science. Not just an entrepreneur, but there are career paths that can be taken. Here are job opportunities

majors that provide many benefits//agriculture
  • BUMN
  • Private companies
  • Businessman
  • Lecturer
  • Researcher
  • Agricultural Consultant and so on

Those of you who have shown the best ability, of course, are not just given a salary. But there is a good salary offer so you have an edge. Of course, different experiences will also have different positions and salary incentives.

Steps to Becoming a Teacher

Steps to Becoming a Teacher

It’s not easy to be anything and keep developing yourself. If you want to be a good teacher, make sure you have good techniques and methods for students. Apply your way of teaching to students but position yourself as a student.

It seems that the word teaching is very easy to say, but already entering the teaching stage, it is not easy to do it. Many student characters must be studied until you can become a good teacher. It should be remembered that being a good teacher is not perfect, because a good teacher has a teacher who is able to forgive, teach and help improve students to become better. That’s why we need teachers who are patient and able to communicate well with students.

Important role

Brandnite – By having a good basic stage, it will not be a problem compared to a title. It is true that the nature of the student can change from the student himself, but without direction, the student will become more corrupt and the student will appear more negative. When students do worse things, the teacher’s role will still be taken into account.

Here are the steps to becoming a teacher:

Educational Lecture
To become a teacher, it is very important to have educational status, because later the teacher will be transferred according to the regulations. So the proof of having become a scholar is very important. Currently, there are many kinds of teachers, so you should not choose the wrong education degree. Also, make sure that becoming a teacher is a dream, not just earning a lot of money, but being a person who is useful to the nation and the country also has the best services.

dealing with many students//teach
Learn Technology

Already in modern times, it is no longer possible to teach students through books continuously. However, students will be required to be smart human beings according to the times. In addition to teaching through books, teachers must also have other methods of teaching so that students do not get bored. By continuously updating knowledge, whether using technology or a book, you will add insight to students and yourself.

Learn Communication

Not a few introverted people want to be teachers, but nothing is impossible if you want to change. There are already many majors that invite you to study communication, if you are unable to communicate then you must continue to practice anywhere, not just take communication education.

Practice teaching

Teaching is actually not easy if you don’t know the stages. But for those of you who already have the steps before teaching, it will look easy once you do it. If you are still not a teacher, you can try to train to teach to become a private teacher.

Join Community
Joining a community will give you more experience, so it’s easier for you to become a teacher when you become what you want to be. With so many connections you can get better