Tour Guide

Tour Guide

When you were a child, of course, you were asked by your teacher, what do you want to be when you grow up? Of course, they gave many answers, such as being a policeman, doctor, office worker, guides, and many more. Of course, the name of a small child will answer according to their liking. But when I heard the word guide, I remembered the Tour Guide.

Tour guide becomes a TourGuide. In every tourist spot, of course, those of us who buy tickets will be offered using a tour guide or not? Lots of people who vacation do not use a tour guide. If a newcomer arrives and doesn’t know the type of tour inside, of course, use a TourGuide.

High spirit

Brandnite – Just imagine when you are on vacation you don’t know where to go and you can’t go anywhere. With a tour guide, all the roads and places you want to go to can be easy without having to experience difficulties. Almost all tourist attractions are always visited by many tourists, making some tour managers have difficulty.

Since there is a TourGuide, all visitors can enjoy the tours available. Seeing the people who become tour guides are mostly young people who have an adventurous spirit and extra enthusiasm. As a tour guide, you must be ready to guide tourists. It’s not just high spirits when you become a TourGuide. Must have a lot of insight and be able to give explanations in every place visited.

Visitors from other countries

Provides a lot of information on places to visit, and guides, and gives the best advice for tourists. A tour guide must also be able to master English and Indonesian. Because not only Indonesians themselves visit and travel. But there are many different types of countries that visit and travel to in Indonesia.

Always friendly and smiling//guide

The TourGuide will also take tourists to exciting places and can also take them to delicious and healthy places to eat, events at tourist attractions, and much more. Many think that to become a tour guide, you have to go to high school.

Do you need a high school to become a tour guide?

But did you know that tour guides can also be used for children who are not in high school? High school does need to add insight and also a more advanced mindset. But in being a TourGuide the most important thing is being able to introduce some fun places to vacation and give clear explanations to visitors.

Language is number one in dealing with tourists. Wherever you want to be a TourGuide, the things to pay attention to are the language and delivery method. So it can be said that being a tour guide does not need high school. As long as you can master the language and be polite and clearly show each tourist spot.

Understanding tourist attractions

No matter where you visit, you still need a tour guide. The important thing in being a tour guide is to understand the tourist attractions that will be visited by tourists. Looking for tourist attractions info so that when explaining to tourists it is not wrong. Counting travel hours when guiding tourists and tourists.

Arrange a fun and comfortable resting place. With good and friendly service, many tourists will come back for vacation and ask you to be their guide again. If this is true, it can prove that the service is very satisfying and provides exciting moments for the tourists. Being a TourGuide can meet various people and different countries as well.



The presenter’s name is already familiar to the public. We know the word presenter from the program on television. Many types of programs are available on television. From each of these programs will definitely hear the word presenter. Of course, ordinary people already know the meaning of presenter, right? Yes, a presenter is a type of job that broadcasts news and at the same time can broadcast television programs.

If we are still children, of course, we will be asked what we are their goals when we grow up. maybe the answer will vary such as: being a doctor, teacher, engineer, policeman, journalist, or presenter. Sister, and many more. It’s really nice to hear that children are able to find their dreams. But children can also change over time and unconsciously their goals change.

Easy and hard

Brandnite – If there are still those who pursue their ideals from childhood, their desires can be said to be strong and great. Being a presenter can be said to be easy but difficult. The convenience of being a presenter is:
Speak clearly
Every word spoken is heard
Know how to carry yourself

The hardest part about being a presenter is:

keep practicing//attitude

Can use English
Too much material
Forgot dialogue or text
Unclear pronunciation
Often stutters

There is no response to the information submitted

Almost all presenters continue to practice so that they can become the best and most reliable presenters. Turning weaknesses into strengths and improving the system in learning to be a presenter. Presenters can be in any position so we can choose what presenter we want to be. every television program there will be a news anchor who is ready to convey a lot of information.

Avoid panic

The types of presenters that we often find in our work are news presenters, tv programs, gossip shows, and many other types. It’s not easy being a presenter. Because the presenters will certainly be tested first by the television broadcaster. To be a great presenter we must train our confidence, how to respond, and master the expression when reading the news.

For presenters who are experts, of course, there is no difficulty when presenting the event. In contrast to those who are new, they are still nervous, and sometimes there is a thing called stage fright. Anxiety continues to haunt them, making them sometimes mispronounce and act outside the text.

The best way to deal with tension

The presenter is also a cool term for people who do presentations in companies. When we are in a meeting, of course, we will go forward to talk about some things that are held together with the client. In this case, we are required to be able to master the material and not experience such a thing as an error in speaking.

Still new in the world of presenters, of course, we have to train hard to be the best. Ways to not experience tension when being a presenter can be by:

Practice in the bathroom or room
Trying to record myself
See examples of presenters on television
Learn to bring presenter material
Understanding conditions and intonation in reading.
With regular practice and always trying to do our own research, we will easily know where the mistakes are that we need to fix. Trying to ask other people’s opinions so that the enthusiasm for learning can be better.



Reporting is a very helpful job for publishers. If there is no reporter then we will not know the current events. The reporter is one type of work that covers the news. The news that is covered is not only in one place but can be in many places. Even reporters can also report directly when they get news about events on the spot.

Reporters also do not look at the time. Any news that is obtained will be immediately pursued and broadcast live to report the incident. Maybe many think that reporters and journalists are the same. Yet it is very different. A journalist is a journalist who does some writing research and then reports to the media. As for reporters, they do live coverage and broadcast live.

Followed rules

Brandnite – Not everyone can be a reporter. Must have a certificate to be able to work as a reporter. When launching or introducing some products, the company will hire journalists, reporters, and editors. The work of editors is not as great as that of journalists or writers. They don’t get paid much.

The news they get will be immediately released when doing a live broadcast. Reporters also do news writing either orally or not. The code of ethics that reporters are required to obey in making news is:

  • Prioritize the truth news
  • No need to be first
  • Be fair
  • Don’t look down on people
  • Check the news first
  • Looking for the right resource
    The reporter’s code of ethics is permanent law and rule for reporters. The job of being a reporter is almost the same as a news announcer. The difference is that they have different broadcast locations. In addition to broadcasting news outside the office, reporters also have duties that are no less important than journalists and broadcasters.


The tasks they have to do can’t just be written and then reported. They will check and find out all the events they are dealing with. It took quite a while to be able to make a news report. Analyze, record, and conduct interviews with trusted sources.

What’s even more powerful than a reporter is that at the time of the incident, they look for information first, and then they can tell the cause of the incident. It’s a tiring job because you don’t see the time when you’re covering the news. A reporter also has great ability in his work.

Ability and personality

Easy to mingle with other people. have a high enough curiosity when dealing with cases. Highly knowledgeable and have broad insight. By having broad insight, reporters can do their job in covering the news. Able to communicate well with everyone. Good at speaking and able to lighten the mood when doing coverage.

As a reporter, you must have a lot of personalities that is quite good and polite. Reporters must also have a high curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Always willing to learn and able to solve any problems. Always be thorough and careful when you see any wrong reports. Be critical [ curious ] when getting material to cover the news.

Reporters also have a creative side that can also allow people to imagine. Have confidence and always be fair in doing work. Does not look at the status when covering the resource persons.



The Profession is a job that performs tasks based on responsibility. TheProfession is a type of work that is permanent. The beginning of word profession began to be known by the public when someone used the Dutch language. Many think that the profession is just an ordinary job.

But it turned out to be different from what they thought. Must have a great responsibility and also be alert when carrying out his profession. TheProfession does not mean just one job. But there are many types of work that can be called a profession.

Here are the names of the professions

Security guard
Air Force
flight attendant
Make-up artists and many other types of professions

The Profession is not an ordinary type of work. They must have a high sense of responsibility and also work hard. Any type of work can also be called one of the professions. TheProfession does not look at the type of work. Brandnite

Work with professionals

Indeed, there are some people who think that theProfession only deserves to be clothed with high jobs and good education. Of course, this is not denied. But the most important thing in a job is to have characteristics that match the profession they are running.

work according to job//variety

Sometimes there are those who only use the name of the job as a status. Not running according to the work they do. Then there are several things that must be considered about the profession, namely:

Have basic skills and knowledge

Having basic skills and knowledge is one of the keys to getting a job. Many types of professions usually apply an example to show someone’s talent. Basic knowledge is also important. Must know the type of work they will do later.


Every job requires a badge or diploma. In a job, sometimes education becomes the main thing. Not everyone can get a professional if they don’t have an education. Education in the profession can be obtained by high school or it can be with additional schools.

Be firm

Being assertive can be a major cornerstone of work. Can make the right decisions without being soft.


Do not act arbitrarily and work according to their profession. Sometimes someone who has a high profession forgets their responsibilities and promises. Being responsible doesn’t mean just doing the job. Rather, being responsible can be done based on their purpose of working in accordance with their profession.

Public status and services

The Status will prove job standing. The higher a person’s position, the greater the type of work they do. A high status proves one’s success.
Public services can be done based on the type of work they do. Provide the best service and make residents safe and trust.